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Canada is the same

This state is the second largest by area in North America. Canada has a very good climate, есть много красивейших городов и

The capital of the United States of America, which is among the capitals, are leaders in the number of natural spaces. It smashed a large number of parks. Dominant architectural style, which was used in the construction of buildings, was the European classicism. One of the most significant buildings is the Capitol - the building of the Congress of the United States. In the capital of the United States have rules, which prohibit erect a building built before Congress (height of the Capitol - 40 meters), that buildings do not overlap each other.

Cuban resort of Varadero!

Варадеро – это самый знаменитый курорт Кубы, а точнее пляжный курорт. Он расположился на полуострове Хикакос. Варадеро известен всему миру,…