Heading: Morocco

Holidays in Morocco

On holiday in Morocco were, already visited many countries. So there is nothing to compare. Was a charter flight from Moscow to Agadir.

The Kingdom of Morocco is quite large and strong state in Africa. The western part of Morocco stretched endless line of gorgeous beaches, coming directly into the Atlantic Ocean. It seems to be not the best option for swimming. But, surprisingly, Wave is not as tricky. Even in a light storm, it does not take away the sea and out of the water does not pose much of a problem. Tourism in Morocco is clearly underdeveloped. Obviously, affects the mentality of the local population. The country has always been oriented towards agriculture. Only the French have long chosen this place of grace. На Атлантике Агадир – main . Above and below the town stretch for tens of kilometers of gorgeous deserted beaches. Agadir is quite a modern city. Wide roads and avenues are not heavily loaded vehicles. Although the cars are virtually the entire population. The city rarely seen beggars, population sufficiently secured. Architecture chaotic. In the center of a lot of cutting-edge high-rise hotels and business centers. Along the coast stretches a chain of various hotels. There is a very luxurious, there are unpretentious. But everywhere necessarily conditioner, fence and security.