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How to behave in Japan?

Japan - a mysterious country for foreigners. Intrigue and closure of local residents, as a rule, is a myth. If you urgently need help, they are never in it will not be refused. Teenagers and elderly people usually hesitate to answer various questions from strangers. Therefore, ask for advice in middle age.
Any foreigner in Japan gaijin - a man, which is not required to strictly observe the traditions of this nation. But you should know a few rules, that will help you not to look silly in the eyes of local residents.
In Japan, the handshake is replaced by bows, so do not insist on their traditions. The answer should be a bow with the same frequency and the same time.

Tokyo - Japan's capital. The architectural appearance of the city is very peculiar. He formed over many centuries, is distinguished by its combination of different styles. It often coexist with traditional wooden buildings skyscrapers of modern steel and glass. The capital is divided into the Old and New City. The core capital (from a historical perspective) – район Нихонбаси. Here is the imperial residence.