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The best diving resorts 2012 year

The best diving resorts 2013 year

It is no secret, that diving is of the mind rest, you can engage in all year round. Nevertheless, the most popular period for swimming under water we have traditionally considered winter, and the most popular resorts, adapted for diving - Thailand and Egypt. Among the "hot" destinations in the world - underwater caves, coral reefs, graveyard of sunken ships and ice castles. Let's take a more detailed look at, where in the world will find a true diver's paradise.


How to save a lossless

В слогане о том, что самолеты являются самым экономически выгодным транспортом в мире, вовсе нет ничего парадоксального. На самом деле, речь в слогане идет не об экономии финансов, а о снижении временных затрат на перемещение по планете.


Weekend tours

Increasingly, the population of our country selects the active travel vacation weekend, forgetting the traditional principle of "three T": ottomans, slippers, TV. It's wonderful! After all, spend a couple - three days, Walking the streets of European, or sunbathing on the Cote d'Azur is much nicer. In addition, this holiday is not as tedious and monotonous, as the traditional seven-day. Experiences the same - just the sea! And the money for such a trip will have to pay relatively little. These weekend tours are possible for Turkey, Egypt, Arab Emirates, European countries (Czech Republic, France, Austria) и так далее. Especially this holiday is beneficial in cases of additional output after the March 8th, May holidays, regular or unscheduled weekend.

Communication facilities abroad

Communication facilities abroad

Free Wi-Fi is not always rescues, then the signal is weak or it does not. What to do, if access to the global network needed immediately, what are the means of communication can be used abroad? Then come to the aid of the mobile Internet! Due to high competition and a large selection of operators, price is getting lower and lower. But it is necessary to know and some of the subtleties.