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Holidays in Greece

Vacation on the island of Thassos

Vacation on the island of Thassos at Glyfada

The island of Thassos is located in the north of Greece in the Thracian Sea. Its area is about 400 square kilometers. Here fantastically beautiful places. Holidays Thassos can be especially enjoyable due to the fact, that here there is no heat, both on the southern resorts.

Афины. Фото: Stathis Xionidis

Greece – мечта туриста!

Greece, это страна международного туризма. Вы найдете не много стран, которые могли бы похвастаться такой популярностью среди туристов. Привлекает отдыхающих эта страна по следующим причинам: здесь очень красивая и неповторимая природа, большое количество исторических памятников, хорошо развита инфраструктура и, of course, доступные цены.


Features Greek

In Greek gastronomy special place in vegetables and fruits: tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, oranges and, of course, green and black olives. All dishes are prepared with a large amount of olive oil or tomato sauce.

Not by chance the Greeks are long-lived - their food is rich in nutrients and balanced. Are a real delicacy fish dishes (mullet, flounder, султанка). As a rule, Such dishes and seafood dishes taste best cook in the taverns by the sea, although the prices are a little higher.

Четыре причины поехать в Грецию

Reviews and impressions about staying in Greece

In general, the causes, to travel to any region of Greece, whether mainland or one of the four thousand islands, There are many. However, that does not confuse those readers, are just planning acquaintance with Greece, we have thousands of reasons and reviews on vacation in Greece have chosen five, who see the benefits of Greek vacation.