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Holidays in Spain

А вы были в Ронде? А я был!

Sights of the city of Ronda in Spain

Ronda - one of the oldest cities in Europe, its founders are considered ancient Celts. Located at 780 m above sea level, the city has witnessed the Inquisition courts, Arab domination, a haven of noble robbers and smugglers, the guardian of Christian relics and the birthplace of bullfighting. It was founded by the VI. BC. e Celts called the town donax, and seized his later Greeks renamed the village to Rundu. Built at the end of the III. BC. e. Fortress Laursen contributed to the growth of the township. During the reign of Julius Caesar village became a city.


Reviews and impressions about holiday in Spain

Spend a holiday in Spain – so give yourself a lot of unforgettable experiences. It does not matter, at what point this magical country you will go: the Costa Brava, Коста-Дораду, or the Costa Del Sol, and may be, the Canary and Balearic islands, Reviews on holiday in Spain will be the most positive.