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Holidays in Turkey

One of the most popular resorts, are in demand in Russia, course is Turkey. All because, that value for money holiday and cost of the permit is pleasantly surprising.

Wonderful experiences from the trip are added factors blagodaryamnozhestvu. Beautiful Turkish hotels, most of which is made in oriental style, gorgeous beaches, warm clear sea, cafeteria, famous historical sites, Discos, Boat Charters – All this does not leave people indifferent.

Впечатление о Стамбуле

Reviews of Istanbul

For 3-4 day stay in Istanbul explore the city no one will ever be able, it is too huge. Nevertheless, visiting dozens of the most popular tourist destinations, we will try to make their opinions about this Turkish metropolis. And the rest is to start with a visit of Ahmet Mosque in the same area of ​​the city. The construction of the outside, it looks awesome, but inside it is surprisingly unpretentious, that always amazes tourists.


Diving in Kemer - underwater tour

In the period May-September off the coast of Kemer, the surface temperature of the Mediterranean Sea about 25 degrees. However, the depth of water by five degrees cooler. Transparent sea, sandy bottom, strong underwater currents and waves are absent. It's time for scuba diving - diving. Initial classes are held in pools, then on "Open Water".