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Holidays in Egypt


What do we know about Egypt?

В Египте, в стране, знакомой из истории древнего мира, до недавнего времени во всю процветал туризм. В эту страну туристов влечет красивое чистое море и солнце, а так же невысокие цены на местные отели. Да и туры в целом на протяжении многих лет доступны для многих.

Excursion to Mount Sinai - Mount Moses

Эkskursiya of Goru Sinai – Mount Moses

The biggest cultural heritage in the world is located in Egypt. In this wonderful country of many cultural monuments there is a mountain of Moses. This shrine, which is close to every Christian.

Tourists, arrived in Egypt, necessarily make a tour to Mount Moses. But everyone knows her story? And it was on this mountain with the tablets of the commandments of the Great Prophet Moses and it is here in the burning bush spoke to him by the Lord. The Bible, not strange, not specified, where exactly was the legendary Mount Sinai. From II century, Early Christians believed, that Mount Sinai, that same hill, and therefore it was called the Mountain of Moses.


Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh - a resort in Egypt, Located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula. The city's name in Arabic can be translated as "Bay of Sheikh '. Sharm el-Sheikh - one of Egypt's most prestigious resorts on the Red Sea,


Water trip on the Nile

Egypt beckons for decades and attracts tourists. Recently, a new engine - water trip on the Nile. More precisely this route is quite old: for the first time since the British aristocratic family fun. Today, this service is available and Russian tourists.