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Барбадос, Карибские острова.

Карибские острова: Барбадос – остров вне конкуренции!

Карибские острова являются мечтой многих туристов, желающих отдохнуть на теплом морском побережье, среди пальм, в то время когда в Европе в разгаре зима или ранняя весна. Но есть среди них один остров, который выделяется своей первозданной красотой природы и мягким климатом. Барбадос – остров вне конкуренции. Даже курорты-соседи Мексики и Флориды меркнут по сравнению с ним.


А вы были на Бали?

Маленький кусочек рая, затерявшийся где-то между Индийским и Тихим океаном, привлекает туристов со всего света, и не только для того, чтобы полежать на фантастическом песчаном пляже с видом на бесконечную океанскую гладь.


Mysterious Guam!

In the Pacific Ocean near the Mariana archipelago located Guam. It is the southernmost and largest island of the archipelago. The deepest point on the planet is a few kilometers to the south-west. The capital of the island is Hagatna.


Riviera Jamaica!

Jamaica is an island nation, which occupies the third place among the Greater Antilles. It is located in Central America and take 11 thousand. square. km.

As for the coastline, it lasted for more than 1000 km. The northern shore of the island is the Jamaican Riviera beaches. South is teeming coral reefs and excellent harbors.

Красота подземного мира 2

The beauty of underground caves

These rare, unique places include the Admiral's cave in Australia, entrance to which starts almost from the ocean beach. Several underground caves in California open to the public and all people are beautiful in their own way. Cave Han Song Dung Vietnam striking arch height and breadth of the grottoes. It even has a small lake with clear water. In there is a unique underground cavern Sota de las Golondrinas, which runs on a full river with waterfalls. Turkey is rich in caves, Greece, Германия и Шотландия. So have we,

Красота подземного мира

Underground caves eyes cavers

Argued, that the beauty of underground caves to fully enjoy can only cavers. This question is quite controversial. Of course, there is no doubt, that cavers see what, that the overwhelming number of people have never in my life did not see. And the reason is very simple - it's caving, по сути, rare profession, which calls for a huge physical training. In addition, percentage lovers of extreme tourism is not so among us, and high.
However, no matter how far in depth never left cavers, they see only what, that is a ray of light of their lanterns. The full picture of the same in the underworld can be seen only in the case, when carried out in a cave lighting. So, based on this logic, it can be argued, that the beauty of the underground world can fully enjoy the only tourists, who are lucky enough to visit such "outdated" caves.
It should be said, that such caves in the world are not so many.