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Holidays in Switzerland

Отдых в Церматте

Relax on the Alpine Skiing resort Zermatt in Switzerland

Every skier dreams at least once in a lifetime visit in winter Switzerland. Skiing this place will always be true, because more than half of the state is covered by mountains. Even before the First World War, there is an international ski race. When 1928 year in St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics, Sports vacation in the mountains was a sign of good manners.

Ski tours in the 2013 year, popular destinations

Ski tours in the 2013 year, popular destinations

Those, who love winter holidays, are not its own without skiing. This holiday is just the element of, adrenaline and speed. Skiing holidays are often preferred by lovers of the ski slopes and those, who likes pleasant company and social events. Tour agencies offer their clients a variety of fashionable resorts: Cortina-e-c Ampecco ITALY, Ishel in Austria and many others.

All country ski tourism can be divided into 3 Groups. The first group