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Holidays in Korea


Shopping in South Korea and its features

Usually the word ""Many people associate with Italy or with Istanbul, but not with Korea. But shopping in Korea is, and a very good. Make a purchase you will be able to, even in South Korea you will only drive. At Incheon Airport, which is the pride of Korea, there are a lot of shops. For travelers, the airport - it is a city. Most of the shops in Incheon Korean belong to large companies, таким как и Shilla Lotte. If, before landing on your flight you have a few hours, then you will be able to walk on these stores. This time, you, of course, not enough, to get around them all, but some of them are, also have time to visit.


Other North Korea

Not long ago I visited Korea, namely the demilitarized zone, which is considered the boundary between the two republics. It was in the days of my stay in this country died DPRK leader - Kim Jong-il. The people themselves consider it a life-changing event, since no one knows, way of life now turn.