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Holidays in Mexico

Island Olbosh, or else the British style – Холбокс, is located near the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, and is separated from the mainland by a small lagoon. Size of the island are not great – width of 2 kilometers and 12 kilometers long, but almost all the way around the island are excellent sandy beaches. In Mexico, nobody will be surprised beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, therefore attracts tourists to the island is not what.


An unforgettable holiday in Mexico (Каникулы в Мексике)

Holidays in Mexico affects a huge variety of: modern metropolis coexist with ancient monuments, and the beautiful beaches and forests give way to snow-capped volcanoes. The capital of Mexico is mountainous and densely populated city of Mexico. This city is intricately combines the daily bustle of modern life and barely audible echoes of the past. In the center of Mexico City, tourists can wander through the area of ​​El Zocalo, surrounded by the buildings of the Aztec Tenochtitlan.