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Holidays in the U.S.

The capital of the United States of America, which is among the capitals, are leaders in the number of natural spaces. It smashed a large number of parks. Dominant architectural style, which was used in the construction of buildings, was the European classicism. One of the most significant buildings is the Capitol - the building of the Congress of the United States. In the capital of the United States have rules, which prohibit erect a building built before Congress (height of the Capitol - 40 meters), that buildings do not overlap each other.

Places on Earth, worth seeing

The most interesting places on Earth


In different parts of the world are many places of interest, worth a visit. Assessment of their relevance and attractiveness to tourists will always be subjective.

Where are they located?

Antelope Canyon - a terrific place to .
The Thai island of Phi Phi No one can forget.
Santorini Greek city if infused into the hillside and the sea.
- These islands with white sand and palm groves you will be a long time dream.
Machu Picchu - the ancient city of the South American Indians. Located in Peru between steep cliffs.
The Great Wall of China does not need comments.
The glaciers of Iceland - an unforgettable spectacle of beauty.
arranged, that from one to the other can be reached by swimming.

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Trip to New York

New York is called the financial capital of the world, and so it really is. However, not only the townspeople, but the fact, who dared to in New York there is a price premium solid. Residence, taxi, comfort and service here are much more expensive, than the national average.


Features holiday in the U.S.

Holidays in the U.S., primarily, perfect for active people, because this country is the center of world business. The dynamic life here flows in skyscrapers, which seem fantastic giants, prop up the vault of heaven. The most famous U.S. city is New York, which rises near the Statue of Liberty, the main symbol for generations of Americans. New York is often referred to as "miniature States", since this is where the heart is pumping the turbulent life of the country. Los Angeles - another major U.S. city. It was here that prefigured the so-called "American dream", attract millions of talents.