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Parizh – мечта наяву!

France - amazing beauty of the country and the birthplace of fashion.

Paris all recognizable!

Walking through Paris left fond memories in my heart. At dusk, His Majesty Paris, turns into a romantic place, illuminated by millions of lights. In the evening, you are invited to see Paris from the Eiffel Tower, go on a cruise on the river Seine. The river divides the city into a right and left bank.

Отдых в Церматте

Relax on the Alpine Skiing resort Zermatt in Switzerland

Every skier dreams at least once in a lifetime visit in winter Switzerland. Skiing this place will always be true, because more than half of the state is covered by mountains. Even before the First World War, there is an international ski race. When 1928 year in St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics, Sports vacation in the mountains was a sign of good manners.


What is interesting resort of Koktebel

Лето – это время отдыха, купания в море, время для загара и полного оздоровления организма. Именно летом хочется новых эмоций, приятных ощущений, солнца и тепла.

Степашки – райский уголок нетронутой природы в центральной Украине

Based otdыha Stepashka

I do not know how you, and I am always looking for a place to stay, the least affected by civilization. This allows a little break from the bustle of the city and within a short period of rest to gain strength for further work, people.


Travel Valentine's Day in Paris

Travel Valentine's Day in Paris, certainly, the most romantic holiday of the year - this Valentine's Day. Therefore it is very important to prepare for this remarkable event in advance. What could be better, than to spend a romantic and exciting journey with a loved one in this magical day?