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Quality service at reasonable price, beautiful attractions and a pleasant climate even in the autumn season – so in a few words can describe the holiday in Tunisia. Warm summer in central Russia ends early, and begins the "sad time ...". Thus spoke the famous Russian poet, AS. Пушкин, of Russian autumn. What is not said about the fall season in North Africa. Here, everything continues to turn green, singing and pleasing to the eye. The bright sun and warm sea -, what you need for those wishing to escape from the dank autumn and continue to enjoy the summer in October. The warmest time of the year here starts in April and lasts until December.


Travel Valentine's Day in Paris

Travel Valentine's Day in Paris, certainly, the most romantic holiday of the year - this Valentine's Day. Therefore it is very important to prepare for this remarkable event in advance. What could be better, than to spend a romantic and exciting journey with a loved one in this magical day?