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Goa resort

Shangri-la – вот как назвали это место хиппи. И они не ошиблись. Теплый воздух, White sand, чистая морская вода

Island Olbosh, or else the British style – Холбокс, is located near the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, and is separated from the mainland by a small lagoon. Size of the island are not great – width of 2 kilometers and 12 kilometers long, but almost all the way around the island are excellent sandy beaches. In Mexico, nobody will be surprised beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, therefore attracts tourists to the island is not what.

Based otdыha Stepashka

Степашки – райский уголок нетронутой природы в центральной Украине

I do not know how you, and I am always looking for a place to stay, the least affected by civilization. Это дает возможность хоть немного отдохнуть

The authorities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to provide tourists with a unique opportunity to be present during the eruption of the restive volcano in Africa. Nyamulagira wakes up every few years, and can be up to several days to several months. The longest eruption began in 1991 year and ended in 1993 g. On the territory of the Virunga National Park specially invited volcanologist, professional to determine a safe place for tourists observe the volcano.
Spectacular show of lava fountains, soars to a height of 200 meters, looks fantastic, especially at night.