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Parizh – мечта наяву!

France - amazing beauty of the country and the birthplace of fashion.

Paris all recognizable!

Walking through Paris left fond memories in my heart. At dusk, His Majesty Paris, turns into a romantic place, illuminated by millions of lights. In the evening, you are invited to see Paris from the Eiffel Tower, go on a cruise on the river Seine. The river divides the city into a right and left bank.


Canada is the same

This state is the second largest by area in North America. Canada has a very good climate, there are many beautiful cities and streets. Another country is famous for its Royal Ontario Museum, its parks, Reserves, galleries, and many others.
Toronto - is the largest city in Canada. The city is famous Yonge Street is the longest street in the world, 1896 km! The plan of the city a bit like a chess board, so here is almost impossible to get lost, still referred to as the safest city in the world. It is worth to visit the Casa Loma – house-castle 96 rooms, Castle Spedina, , also in a lot of restaurants and clubs.

Отдых в Церматте

Relax on the Alpine Skiing resort Zermatt in Switzerland

Every skier dreams at least once in a lifetime visit in winter Switzerland. Skiing this place will always be true, because more than half of the state is covered by mountains. Even before the First World War, there is an international ski race. When 1928 year in St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics, Sports vacation in the mountains was a sign of good manners.

The best diving resorts 2012 year

The best diving resorts 2013 year

It is no secret, that diving is of the mind rest, you can engage in all year round. Nevertheless, the most popular period for swimming under water we have traditionally considered winter, and the most popular resorts, adapted for diving - Thailand and Egypt. Among the "hot" destinations in the world - underwater caves, coral reefs, graveyard of sunken ships and ice castles. Let's take a more detailed look at, where in the world will find a true diver's paradise.