Monthly Archives: August 2020

Goa resort

Shangri-la – вот как назвали это место хиппи. И они не ошиблись. Теплый воздух, White sand, чистая морская вода

A trip to Prague

Prague, Perhaps, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That, who have been here - falls in love with the city forever. Ехать в Прагу можно

Travel to Berlin

Love to travel and explore their own interest themselves? Berlin - City, in which you do not need a tour guide, потому что все

Tours in Graz, Austria

Austria - an amazing country. Perhaps, this is a real gem on the map of Europe. Therefore, the flow of tourists in the Austrian city is not reduced by either summer, or winter.

In the Urals

Ural majestic, beautiful, handsome. Divides Russia into Europe and Asia. Beautiful scenery and great cities. Каждый путешественник найдет на Урале