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Goa resort

Shangri-la – вот как назвали это место хиппи. И они не ошиблись. Теплый воздух, White sand, чистая морская вода

Based otdыha Stepashka

Степашки – райский уголок нетронутой природы в центральной Украине

I do not know how you, and I am always looking for a place to stay, the least affected by civilization. Это дает возможность хоть немного отдохнуть

A trip to Prague

Prague, perhaps, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That, who have been here - falls in love with the city forever. Ехать в Прагу можно

Travel to Berlin

Love to travel and explore their own interest themselves? Berlin - City, in which you do not need a tour guide, потому что все

Tours in Graz, Austria

Austria - an amazing country. Perhaps, this is a real gem on the map of Europe. Therefore, the flow of tourists in the Austrian city is not reduced by either summer, or winter.