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How to inspect all and not get tired

Visiting an unfamiliar city - it is always an exciting event, which is usually accompanied by a walk hours of observation. Передвигаться по большому городу пешком или

Winter holidays in Latvia

If you decide to spend your winter vacation to visit in Latvia, you can find lots of interesting and useful activities. Можно покататься на запряженной

Tokyo - Japan's capital. The architectural appearance of the city is very peculiar. He formed over many centuries, is distinguished by its combination of different styles. It often coexist with traditional wooden buildings skyscrapers of modern steel and glass. The capital is divided into the Old and New City. The core capital (from a historical perspective) – район Нихонбаси. Here is the imperial residence.

Good old Germany!

Germany and the tourists become duo, which has been tested in history and one in Germany vremenem.Popav, every tourist falls in love with this country.

Where to go to Europe for Christmas?

Europe is known for its versatility. German punctuality, English humor, французская либеральность и ирландский консерватизм – об этих уникальных чертах каждого народа