Features holiday in the U.S.

Holidays in the U.S., primarily, perfect for active people, because this country is the center of world business. The dynamic life here flows in skyscrapers, which seem fantastic giants, prop up the vault of heaven. The most famous U.S. city is New York, which rises near the Statue of Liberty, the main symbol for generations of Americans. New York is often referred to as "miniature States", since this is where the heart is pumping the turbulent life of the country. Los Angeles - another major U.S. city. It was here that prefigured the so-called "American dream", attract millions of talents.

Also noteworthy is the largest transport hub in Chicago, which is constantly bubbling economic activity. Close to this is the financial center of the famous Niagara Falls, falling water which will make you forget about the never-ending pursuit of success.

For a holiday in the United States there are many national parks, teeming with amazing wonders of nature. The most famous is the Yellowstone, whose territory is cut by numerous canyons and is dotted with wonderful geysers. Also worth noting is the Grand Canyon, river canyon that has no analogues in the world.

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3 thoughts on “Features holiday in the U.S.

  1. Helena

    I envy some Americans, that can get in your Ford and rush to tour America. In our country, so do not get. And it's not just the roads. And America is a beautiful country and there are many unique attractions.

  2. Catherine

    All my life I wanted to travel to the U.S., go to New York City, in the city, which is present in almost all the films golivudskih.

  3. elekoshka

    This country is very versatile and diverse. That's me more than the city attracts nature of the U.S.. Very interesting to visit Yellowstone.


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