Where to Go for the May holidays?

The summer and holidays in May - as a kind of rehearsal: As summer meet, so spend it, so you need to know, where a good rest during the May holidays. And for a short time in early May, you can catch a lot ...

Coming soon no longer issuing visas can be cruises Islands. Watch the unique wildlife of Galapagos Islands. Or pobыvayte of Mavrikii, where you can swim under a waterfall and diving.

And if you want to take part in this African hunting - should go to Namibia. For 30 thousand euros you can hunt the lion, and for 40 thousand - a rhinoceros. And if the rhino is very rare, such, as the black rhino, then give him only five licenses per year, and a 20 people around the world can boast a unique trophy. Do you want to be one of them? Half a million euros - and, пожалуйста!

If you have a visa EU, Try to experience the holidays in May, what is the real rate: ride on the race tracks of Italy on the legendary Ferrari. Test yourself on the race track Mille Miglia, you set out on a journey through the winding roads of the Pyrenean. In racing cars, accompanied by experienced instructors. After this trip, many buy their Ferrari. And keep in the garage - to drive, then there is no place!

A motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy motocross through the jungle of Cambodia. In May, the rainy season starts here, and nature comes alive. Scents of wild forests become more acute, colors are brighter, animals come closer. It's not the kind of Asia, you can see from the hotel - a magical and shocking. The bike will be there even, where no jeep proberetsya. In early May, the campaign will leave the last group of the season - on the road to become limp from the rain. Want to get into its constituent? Collect the company of five friends - and forward! (Five people - is the lowest of the group). Visas - not a problem: made very quickly, and if you can not buy tickets, You can charter a plane and come straight from Moscow to the city of Siem Reap. One-way flight will cost 1,73 thousands of euros - for a group of 10-12 Man.

Return home after a stay at the May Day celebrations and understand - do not plan anything - the bustle of term fees - that in itself is an unforgettable experience.

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7 thoughts on “Where to Go for the May holidays?

  1. Alice

    I love a relaxing holiday! Stay in the hotel, send her husband on a trip, just relax on the beach. Or by the pool with a book lie. So we spent the last May Day celebrations, well it was!

  2. Sight

    In my mind about the rest is a little more sightseeing and exploring the mysterious mestam.Chto would be something to remember.

  3. Irene

    A little expensive to get rest. Наверное можно найти и подешевле. А я люблю проводить майские праздники дома. Еще не началась летняя жара и пыль. Все цветет и тепло. Красота!

  4. мария22

    Мне нравиться активный отдых, поездки, Excursions, but on May Day celebrations would like to be closer to nature, air. Therefore, most often it is the forest and kebabs. Gaily, useful and not expensive

  5. Танюша

    Майские праздники для многих как первый летний отпуск, мы с друзьями часто в это время выезжаем в горы, где по настоящему можно уединится с природой и отдохнуть от городской суеты.

  6. Lawrence

    Why does everyone want to go on holiday abroad? In Russia as the most beautiful places! Any country in the world should envy! At the May holidays and you can go to the coast, a breath of sea air and take off to the mountains, and it is possible to visit the place of great beauty – Lake Baikal!

  7. Viktor_ovch

    Lawrence, well of course check to make, but you're right it's not necessarily. I agree with you, you can rest just simply get out of town. We live in a very rich nature of the country. We have somewhere to relocate, go, fly, идём. But all close.


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