Beautiful, but forgotten tourist town

Who among us does not like to travel. Thankfully, Today you can visit almost anywhere in the world, funds have been used so time. Travel agencies offer all sorts of options. Yet there are cities, which somehow unfairly ignored by tourists. Here's a list of them by the degree of beauty. Italian Trieste "offended Venice, which is only whether 145 km away. It is visited annually by millions of people, Trieste did not fall to a tenth of tourists, although it is an old port city Avstrovengrii. This is followed by the French city of Arras. He also owes his forgetfulness nearby Lille, which unfairly "unwinds". Meanwhile in Arras has many historical monuments XVII-XVIII centuries. The third and fourth position is occupied Gujarat Indian and Chinese Chongqing. A fifth "honorable" took place in the ranking of beautiful Scottish town of Aberdeen. Dutch city of Utrecht is ranked at least "honorable" sixth. But this elegant city. In the cities there is seldom visited and one capital. This Helsinki. And closes the list of the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera, which is located in Andalusia. This city is famous not only for the legendary wine Jerez, He is considered the heart of the fashion in Spain Flamenco Dance. Десерт на сегодня – видео города Триест в Италии

9 thoughts on “Beautiful, but forgotten tourist town

  1. Alice

    Really, it is not fair, where some of the city crowded with tourists, while others are forgotten. But they are no less beautiful!

  2. Юлия

    I love to travel in small towns, You can get acquainted with the specific country or region is not worse, than in the overcrowded tourist centers, And the experience can be more. Also, nowadays, popular places where tourists can often disappoint just because of his crush.

  3. Amin

    And this applies not only to distant foreign countries. How about, we, Slavs, not even suspect, that lurks in small, but so many, Russian towns, Ukraine, Belarus. We've got to look at. And it is often just as interesting, than in Europe or Asia.

  4. Anna

    I always want to plunge into the real life of the city, and not a tourist “tinsel”. Utrecht, кстати, passed, really very beautiful.

  5. anima82

    People always want to go there, where there are other, completely avoiding the thought of, that there were other cities. Cities also have their sights, mysteries, Secrets, individual life. You just need to add an interest in what – something new and forgotten, Then you can open a lot of interesting things for themselves.

  6. Антон

    With interest, I read the article and fully agree with Amina. I have seen many beautiful places, who want to return periodically, in Ukraine, although there is no particular famous landmarks. Sorrowfully, that many people choose for their travels only a very well-known places, forgetting about all the other, are in the CIS, and in foreign countries.

  7. Гера

    I'm tired already immutable hiking trails, want to go there, where there are few who have been, but where no less beautiful and interesting.

  8. Natusya

    Our mother planet just a huge number of cities, Towns and villages, you can attend, like the famous resort towns. Just the service in such places there is no, do not normally have a rest, that's not go there people.


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