On holiday in Morocco were, already visited many countries. So there is nothing to compare. Was a charter flight from Moscow to Agadir.

The Kingdom of Morocco is quite large and strong state in Africa. The western part of Morocco stretched endless line of gorgeous beaches, coming directly into the Atlantic Ocean. It seems to be not the best option for swimming. But, surprisingly, Wave is not as tricky. Even in a light storm, it does not take away the sea and out of the water does not pose much of a problem. Tourism in Morocco is clearly underdeveloped. Obviously, affects the mentality of the local population. The country has always been oriented towards agriculture. Only the French have long chosen this place of grace. На Атлантике Агадир – main . Above and below the town stretch for tens of kilometers of gorgeous deserted beaches. Agadir is quite a modern city. Wide roads and avenues are not heavily loaded vehicles. Although the cars are virtually the entire population. The city rarely seen beggars, population sufficiently secured. Architecture chaotic. In the center of a lot of cutting-edge high-rise hotels and business centers. Along the coast stretches a chain of various hotels. There is a very luxurious, there are unpretentious. But everywhere necessarily conditioner, fence and security.

The town feel in complete safety. Many of the buildings visible camera. A local police fear, like fire. During our stay had never heard of any problems with the local population. Even the Moroccans are quite friendly people, Having thought long, that tourists make better, What quarrel. At the heart of many kinds of shops, where you can buy excellent products. A lot of goods from Spain and France. Always available commercially delicious cheeses and sausages.

With the hotel we were lucky. We took a superior room. The Superior was a decent room with a TV and fridge, separate room for sleeping, Technical luggage storage and ironing board. Standard toilet and shower. Particularly pleased with balcony. He's just a huge. Just fifteen meters. He opened the evening with a magnificent view of the hotels, Ocean and a huge mountain. It shone with a huge inscription, praising the Lord Almighty.

Dining at the hotel is decent and quality. You could even say a diverse. Only here the very Moroccan cuisine is not known for this. Is simple and unpretentious. Standard salads, the usual pub grub. Seafood is not much, but there.

In Agadir, a large port with fishing fleets. For Morocco, it is a rarity. Not well developed, the industry output in the country. Many Europeans come not only to stay in Morocco, but also have their business in Agadir. Over two hundred and fifty thousand euros you can buy a large fishing trawler, hire a team and earn good money. Several Russian already used this opportunity.

For entertainment the city has all the. You can go to the international disco, go to the bowling alley. Sitting in a taxi, necessary to stipulate the price! Counters work for them is not clear how. Everywhere should pay only local money. Otherwise the risk to get to the police. The country has an article for currency manipulation. For fun, you can visit the huge hypermarket Marjan. This is the local version of the French retailer Auchan. The goods here are very cheap. But there is little to buy. Unless there is something for children. Europeans and local tastes do not match. You can spend a good time and at the central market, that's near the bus station in the city center. That only is not there. A lot of Chinese goods. But if you really want to buy a cheap and high-quality leather clothes, I advise to go to the studio. Near our hotel was located a few shops with leather.

Here you can also order custom tailoring. I sewed plush jacket kid leather pilot from just one day before the flight just 100 euro. Lightning, line is just perfect. In fact, half of the European brands are sewn exactly in Morocco. Traditions processing and sewing leather are still in the earliest times. You can spend all the time in Agadir and always find something to do. Besides, on holiday in Morocco you can go on many excursions. Many routes. And tell them about the need to separate. Each has its own feature. After all, the country is very large, and each city is unique in its own way. Come on holiday in Morocco, you will not regret.

For dessert – Video Guide to Morocco

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12 thoughts on “Holidays in Morocco

  1. Алина

    Always wanted to go to Morocco. Well, after reading the desire vozroslo.Teper in my plans in the near future finally to witness this stunning and enigmatic country.

  2. Elekoshka

    Thank you for the informative article. I've got friends in Morocco. They talked about the blue city. Very interesting country!

  3. natasha

    a special thank you at once for Video! I will not say, that instantly pulls go, but such beauty and exotic definitely fascinates!

  4. Dennis

    I think it is very beneficial and promising place for tourism and has a future unless engaged in the development of the country. The story has to visit the country and enjoy its sights.

  5. Ludmila

    Not for nothing is called the Kingdom of Morocco. This is evident by the majestic snow-white houses.

  6. Оля

    I've never been in Morocco, but I am definitely pulling back because of their interesting culture and unusual places.

  7. Maxim

    in my opinion, Morocco – this is the place, where still lives the primitive culture of the people, its originality and flavor sometimes bewitch, and sometimes lead to the delight of ordinary Europeans. I was the only time there was enough for me. but they, who have not been to Morocco – I strongly advise!

  8. Olichka

    A colleague from my work went for a vacation in Morocco and, eventually, married a young man from the local population. So that, girls, дерзайте 🙂

  9. Sergei

    Very pleased with the fact that Moroccans are afraid of police. You can be sure that no one will rob while on vacation.

  10. Anna

    According to the description of Morocco is just a mysterious tale, architecture is simply amazing. Having been in Morocco can be considered as a journey with one of the happiest moments in my life.

  11. FrolovaIrishka84

    Morocco more civilized place, Egypt than. But in general, is very similar. The hotel podvorovyvayut. On the street begging. not Europe, tea. The ocean is cold and wind. But the day you can sunbathe and also, The place is suitable for surfing. In the evening and night cold. They say, April is better. Breakfast is meager, and dinners are good. Not where he works with a heated pool. Everywhere elderly French and their influence. In the city in addition to the waterfront, Wander particularly nowhere and nothing to watch. But the beach and promenade are huge and it is suitable for sport and walks. Conversely if you go and then only when it is very warm ocean. If there is a course.

  12. Catherine

    I know about Morocco only from the Brazilian TV series, but after reading this article I made conclusions, Morocco is actually much more beautiful than it is shown in the TV series and movie.

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