The Great Wall of China 2012

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China ranks first in the world for the length of such engineering works. It is one of the new seven wonders of the world and is listed in the list of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Also, this object is a record in the duration of construction. Start the erection of the Great Wall of China belongs to the 7 century BC, and it was terminated only 1911 year. Similar examples of perseverance in building the world no longer knows. The total length of the Great Wall of China is 6200 kilometers, and she had been laid mainly to inaccessible places. This situation is explained its purpose as a fortification. After the wall was intended to protect the land from the invasion of China's northern neighbors. We are not fully able to present, how much effort was worth putting up such a huge object, because the wall was built by hand. Naturally, that at the present time, such a wall can not be a serious obstacle to the advance of troops. There was a period, when the Great Wall of China was simply abandoned. Remembered about it only after the death of Mao Tse-Tung, when China began to open the world. Decision of the government has been recognized the value of this object as a monument of culture. Began not only saving, but also the restoration of damaged areas. Sure, Today the wall is not a continuous structure, but most of this unique structure is in integrity. Currently, the Great Wall attracts a huge number of tourists from around the world. Each of the eight provinces, through which passes a wall, attaches great importance to this priceless gift of the ancestors. The object is carefully preserved. Actively combating "wild tourism", and sightseeing tours are led through the most interesting and beautiful places. And here is what to watch. But this is not just a wall, namely fortification with all, He is particularly reliant. Preserved loopholes, artillery platforms, barracks for soldiers, observation towers and signal towers. All this is of great interest to tourists. The modern infrastructure of tourism does not violate the architectural integrity of the property, because its objects are the most removed from the wall. Even prohibited the movement of cars near miracle. So that tourists have to approach the wall only on foot. China is a huge country, interest from the tourists is not quenched. Although the, that there are a lot of interesting places, The Great Wall of China is the most popular tourist attraction. Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists from around the world.

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10 thoughts on “The Great Wall of China

  1. Olga

    My sister 2 years ago, I went to Beijing, and of course the ball on a field trip to the Great Wall of China. She was there in the summer, at the end of July, says, that there is very hot and it is better to go there in spring or autumn. A, generally, All liked it, beautiful and green. She was left impressed after stories like this built Wall, there killed a lot of people who were buried right there, zamurovyvaya them in the wall.

  2. Vyacheslav

    Wall truly magnificent building. She was forced to marvel at the scale. And at the expense of the people, that were walled up in the wall, it is certainly sad, but they were making history, honor and praise.

  3. Sergei

    the great Wall of China – truly spectacular and massive structure , which in scope and volume can be compared only with the Egyptian piramidami.Zdorovo , that this architectural monument preserved to this day and is open to tourists!

  4. Инна

    Quite a significant historical and architectural value, OK, that a large part of the wall preserved and restored.

  5. Anna

    Chinese Wall – it is a real masterpiece of the Arts ! Chinese – very hard working people, that with his own hands built this gigantic and famous memo architecture!

  6. irka1161

    I always wanted to go to China and see the Wall of China. Even in the photo is the work of art looks great

  7. also

    Chinese around the lads. And speaking of keeping their sites, probably in the first place. It took many centuries, Wall still excites the imagination of those, who ever saw her. We must learn from them.

  8. deer

    China is the country for me unattainable, but it was for me closer and clearer after the son had been there. He detail and, naturally, with pictures telling about, How is he “overcame” wall of China, its greatness and grandeur. And it seemed to me, that after a trip to China son became wiser. Maybe Wall little to blame.


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