А вы были в Ронде? А я был!

Sights of the city of Ronda in Spain

Ronda - one of the oldest cities in Europe, its founders are considered ancient Celts. Located at 780 m above sea level, the city has witnessed the Inquisition courts, Arab domination, a haven of noble robbers and smugglers, the guardian of Christian relics and the birthplace of bullfighting. It was founded by the VI. BC. e Celts called the town donax, and seized his later Greeks renamed the village to Rundu. Built at the end of the III. BC. e. Fortress Laursen contributed to the growth of the township. During the reign of Julius Caesar village became a city. Ronda is considered the symbol of the medieval stone bridge, reaching a height of nearly 100 m. It connects the old town and the new. The main historical sites in the town center. During the reign of the Arab center was walled, fragments of which have survived to the present day. Especially in a good state of preservation of the gates.

In addition to the picturesque old streets, just need to visit the residence of the Moorish palace of the ruler of Mondragon. Built in 1314 as the main residence of the Moorish ruler Abd al-Malik's palace impresses with its grandeur and decoration. Among the many patios occupies a special place, "patio" elegantly decorated with marble, brickwork, wood and tiles. From this courtyard through the horseshoe arch walking into a charming garden. Near the arch of Felipe V is an observation deck is called "Armchair Moor". This area is widely fanned by various legends about unrequited love and jealousy. The new part of the city attracts tourists kilometer long pedestrian street, Carrera Espinel. This street is the commercial center of the city are located here, most stores and shopping pavilions. Having been in Ronda, can not visit the Bulls Arena, built in 1785 year. With a diameter of 66 meters, It is considered the largest in the world. Arena amphitheater surrounded by two rings with 136 columns and 68 arches. In the museum you can see the bullfighting luxurious robes torero, inlaid with lace, glitter and beads. Few know, that the city is a museum of the robbers - "bandoleros", wield in these areas until the early twentieth century. Among the exhibits of knives Navajo, Guns, hand-drawn maps, old newspaper, as well as wax figures "bandoleros". Dessert - видео обзор города Ронды в Испании http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8s4VQoPw1w

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  1. Alice

    Buy a new camera, New durable shoes, fly to Spain! It has long been dreaming of long walks on the sights!

  2. Helen

    Great place for outdoor activities! I wonder how much of it nadozaplatit…but I'm sure it's worth it!

  3. Maxim

    Long wanted to wander through the ancient streets of this here in Spain, breathing air, devoid of vanity.

  4. MisterTROLBASS

    This incredible corner of the Earth just hypnotizes her ethereal beauty and ancient historic architecture.

  5. РоманБ

    A good town. Not the most popular among tourists, but it's good – have a chance to photograph monuments, rather than your back tourists in front of him )


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