Dubai's best shopping, Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, Marketplace, Mall of the Emirates

Best malls in Dubai: Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, Marketplace, Mall of the Emirates

Shopping Malls in Dubai - it is a cultural phenomenon and the heart of the city. This is more, than the shops. There is a, really, All. Here come, to drink coffee, dinner, unwind, watch movies, Buy products, gifts, play and have fun, Shisha, and even toned glass of the car. Dubai Mall The largest shopping mall in the world, which attracts and draws, as for in the vast ocean. К счастью, they have a lot of employees trained, who can tell, where exactly is one of the 1000 shops. KidZania - amazing place, that looks like a park, where children can explore the world of adults, using phrases, money, layouts and profession, а в SEGA, You can explore the exciting arcade games. It is also the largest singing fountain in the world, on an artificial lake, Beside Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world. It's incredible! Dubai Festival City Shopping Center Festival City Mall, Located near the airport, is a favorite of UAE residents, although not as large, others TC. It has an amazing design with restaurants and cafes, and have the opportunity to leave his yacht during a holiday in InterContinental Hotel next door. The mall itself holds more 600 shops, about 100 restaurants and cafes and a huge IKEA store, who has the right to be called a tourist attraction. You can end the evening visit to the bar on the top floor of the InterContinental, which boasts stunning views of the city. Marketplace Marketplace - small shopping center in the Venetian style, Located in Jumeirah Beach Road, one of the most prestigious residential areas in the city. Here a small number of shops and restaurants, and the tiny food courts, but it is one of the most elegant shopping center with beautiful paintings and complex facades. Mall of the Emirates This mall is famous for its giant indoor ski slope with real snow. The slope is so huge, that dominates the center of the ramp, can be seen from miles around. In addition, there are dozens of ski shops, snowboards and related accessories. The shopping center is just a short drive from Burj Al Arab, first seven-star hotel in the world. Video shopping center with a giant indoor ski slope Mall of the Emirates = WpHmCsHnFhA

5 thoughts on “Best malls in Dubai: Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, Marketplace, Mall of the Emirates

  1. Богдан

    In 2012 , the wife and I were in Dubai. Sed as just opposite Dubai Mall. It's not incredibly huge entertainment center. since we are simple people, We were wondering where delicious food is McDonald's with us or in the UAE? In search of fast food, it took us three days. despite the fact that we were constantly asking us to help and suggest where to go?

  2. Olga

    In February, 2011 , the vacationing family in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A very memorable stay. I liked everything, especially shopping. We lived near the Mall of the Emirates - disappeared so every evening. A huge number of shops, there where refreshments, certainly did not go unnoticed and ski slope inside a mall ... especially pleased that , that there was a Carrefour supermarket. There's a huge range of different products and items. Also, we have chosen the largest shopping center Dubai Mall. There certainly is a place to roam. We went there for a day. The shopping center krasivenny Falls, there is an impressive aquarium (with stingrays and sharks). You can even swim with marine reptiles, look at the penguins. In the evening, leaving the shopping center you can admire the most beautiful singing fountain (unforgettable sight). Through this mall walking on the observation deck of Burj Khalifa, there and made ticket sales. Tickets need to buy in advance (few days) as wanting very much. Were visiting Tak will Mercato, were satisfied with the. I can say, that in Dubai the best shopping in the world. We are thrilled!

  3. Olga

    We went last year in Dubai and were delighted with the trip. These shopping centers really are the best. We liked, that it is possible not only to purchase products at a good price, but the rest.

  4. KokCa

    Vacationing with her mother in a week May holidays in this hotel. Were ecstatic, everything is just at the highest level even as a shame that it four stars(

    In the lobby there are two girls (one deals with excursions, attractions and a variety of entertainment for leisure travelers Irina, the second deals with fur-tours of the United Arab Emirates, who will arrange a trip to the shops with fur assistant in this matter) Both are fluent in various languages ​​and if you are having with the hotel staff there a language barrier, then at least someone here can help )))

    The second girl we treated unnecessarily. not mehami priehali in Dubai ( this will not say her name), and we arrived at the sights of this emirate, so that the dense talked with Irina.

    Immediately upon arrival on the first day with her painted our whole week, all excursions and trips on safari, the water park, в феррари ворлд – were organized very well, us out of town freight forwarders with the hotel and after a VERY obratno.MNE brought there to please.

  5. Anna

    I'd love to go to Dubai, look at these fine hotels and new skyscrapers, though, many travelers are skeptical about the new facilities and speak, that it is better to Europe, but, think of reading above we can conclude, in Dubai and in Europe – go on a tour.


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