Vacation on the island of Thassos

Vacation on the island of Thassos at Glyfada

The island of Thassos is located in the north of Greece in the Thracian Sea. Its area is about 400 square kilometers. Here fantastically beautiful places. Holidays Thassos can be especially enjoyable due to the fact, that here there is no heat, both on the southern resorts.

In ancient times called the emerald island of Thassos. The first settlers came to this fabulous island in the II millennium BC. If we believe Herodotus discovered this island of Thassos - the son of the Phoenician king Aginor.
In the VII century BC, the ancient Greeks colonized the island from another island - Paros. The economy here is actively developed due to the extraction of gold and silver. In 1911 by French archaeologists have evidence of the existence anticheskogo Thassos - the remains of the port, which consists of two parts. And nearby is the temple of Zeus and the Sanctuary of other Gods and Goddesses. There on the island of Thassos and its Acropolis.

On the island 98% Orthodox residents. Monastery of the Archangel Michael was founded by St. Luke around 1100 , near the source of holy water. They say, Archangel that he pointed at the construction site, thrusting his spear into the rock, and then from there flowed the holy water. On the island there are many ancient Greek and other attractions, that will not only enjoy a beach holiday, but interesting and informative tour.

If you decide to spend your holiday on the island of Thassos, can buy a round at the agency or stay in their own. In this review, we are talking about at Glyfada. If it is to your liking, You can book a room that is in it. It is also necessary to obtain a visa at the Consulate of Greece. Better get here from the airport of Thessaloniki.

Next, you need to overcome 200 km to the port Keramotí. It is best for this purpose, and rent a car to fully enjoy riding on the European high-speed track. From the port you will be transferred by ferry to the island of Thassos.

According to responses of tourists Thassos island is really extraordinary. Want to come back here to stay again and again.

For dessert – Video vacation on the island of Thassos at Glyfada (Glyfada hotel)

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5 thoughts on “,enVacation on the island of Thassos at Glyfada

  1. Lana

    Yes, want to get away from everyday problems and noise on the island, such as Thasos. Lie on the white sand and not think about nothing. All the more so, that apart from the beach there is something to see, for example Monastery, Church.


    Pasha Reply:

    Well, just on the beach to lie to me personally a little (Although there are very soft sand), but the sights there need to see with their own eyes. By the way, when other beaches windy and the waves, there is always silence.


  2. Ninelmozg

    Straight tale for families with kids. near the sea and the beach is clean. the more the pine forest is very useful for children. certainly go there as a family!


  3. wladanna

    Very reasonable place for a successful holiday memorable. Cosy beach, Enjoy, amazing nature and the ability to walk to local attractions.



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