Впечатление о Стамбуле

Reviews of Istanbul

For 3-4 day stay in Istanbul explore the city no one will ever be able, it is too huge. Тем не менее, visiting dozens of the most popular tourist destinations, we will try to make their opinions about this Turkish metropolis. And the rest is to start with a visit of Ahmet Mosque in the same area of ​​the city. The construction of the outside, it looks awesome, but inside it is surprisingly unpretentious, that always amazes tourists. In general, the minarets and mosques in Istanbul lot, Nevertheless,, a city sometimes called the city of cats. Really, they are everywhere and they are not less, traders than bagels, that will not leave you alone, as long as you do not buy at least one. As for the famous Hagia Sophia Church, then after the capture of Constantinople by the Turks converted it into a mosque, but today it is a museum. This building - the exact opposite of Ahmet Mosque. Externally, it looks decent, but inside is decorated stunningly beautiful and richly. The oldest monument in Istanbul is an Egyptian obelisk. Ego syuda Fairy Scales eshte Emperor Constantine. However, the first, that immediately catches the eye of tourists, so this is a huge number of men on the streets. Alas, but admire the beauty of Turkish women, This is a rare stroke of luck. Old Town is a close jumble of buildings of different styles and from different eras. Astoundingly, but in this crowded almost every step you will see merchant.

In conclusion reviews of Istanbul is worth noting, get lost in a very simple, all the more so, that guides made disgusting, and local people usually do not even know the names of the streets, which are. Десерт на сегодня – видео экскурсия и отзывы о Стамбуле http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgA9wvCNExw

11 thoughts on “Reviews of Istanbul

  1. Anna

    Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is required to visit! By order of the Ata Turk has attained the status of the museum and is open to both Christians, and for Catholics. Christian images of the saints were washed, мозаика восстановлена, можно увидеть всю красоту в ее начальном виде. However, современные власти в соответствии с политикой исламизации ведут разговоры о том, чтобы Ая-Софья вновь стала мечетью. Then it will be closed to non-Muslims. I have time to visit the shrine of the two religions!

  2. Valeria

    Istanbul- It is a beautiful city. By visiting it once you will want to come back for more. After all, it's oriental tale that can not be described in words, it needs to be seen.

  3. Анжела

    Istanbul is very fascinated. There will not be boring, Mosque, Markets, Turkish baths. Amazing architecture. Меня повергла в восторг мечеть Султан Ахмед Ками которую видно почти отовсюду. Базары такие огромные глаза просто разбегаются. Побывав раз в Стамбуле, некогда не забудете эти впечатления.

  4. Alex998

    Decided to travel to Istanbul after watching the video from Ruslan Usachova, specified in Article. And I want to say, not disappointed! Impressions plucked a few years ahead!

  5. vitiek

    Admire the beauty of Turkish women, it is in a resort area, and in Istanbul from tuda dalekovato. Miserably, that there is no beach in Istanbul, and if there, far away, and the sea was dirty.

  6. РоманБ

    Istanbul – unusual city, worth a visit… Only wives monitor, and then all the days of the bazaars and shops run through.

  7. Alimat

    As for me, The 3-4 of the day, just enough to explore Istanbul. First time spent 5 days and had time to explore all the most important. The second time already trying to find something new, Riding on the boat on the Bosporus…I get very tired out there from the street vendors, forever pestering and luring.

  8. Глеб

    Istanbul – велий город, здесь стоит побывать каждому путешественнику.


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