Hizhina Solьve – go to the hut in heaven

High in the Alpine mountains, there is a unique building - the so-called hut Solvay. It was built in August 1915 year on the money climber Ernest Solvay. However, this man became a climber after retirement. All the same his old life he devoted to the production of soda from salt. Often spending time on the mountain routes in Alps, Solvay was well aware, how important it is for climbers to have a place to stay, even with a minimum of comfort. So he decided on the way to the top of the Matterhorn build a nook. Solvay hut built on top of the peak below 437 Meters, that is the height of 3260 metres above sea level. Building materials for this hard-to-place delivered mostly by pack animals. Although the building with a temporary lift. The original version was built in just five days. It has existed in its original form until the 1966 and was rebuilt. And after ten years in the hut even had a phone with emergency line.

At all times in this tent is always stopped to rest many climbers, storming the height of the Matterhorn. They stop it now. Probably not many of them look back on Ernest as a specialist in the production of soda, but that, that it was he who built the hut, Everyone knows who is in this tiny little house visited. Himself Ernest Solvay had a long life. He was born in 1838 , and died in 1922. Agree, lucky there was a memory of a man.

Хижина Сольве - едем в избушку на небесах Хижина Сольве - едем в избушку на небесах Хижина Сольве - едем в избушку на небесах Хижина Сольве - едем в избушку на небесах Хижина Сольве - едем в избушку на небесах Хижина Сольве - едем в избушку на небесах Хижина Сольве - едем в избушку на небесах Хижина Сольве - едем в избушку на небесах

10 thoughts on “Hizhina Solьve – go to the hut in heaven

  1. Maxim

    Yes, really incredible building, considering, when it was built. Imagine, how wonderful view can be enjoyed from a ledge in this hut.

  2. Eugene

    It's just an incredible building and even in what place. View is from the hut is just amazing. Dream stay in the house.

  3. Irina

    The incredible beauty, direct your breath away! Закрываешь глаза и представляешь, как ты смотришь на все с высока и ноги подкашивает)))

  4. Eugene

    Вид конечно с окон домика шикарный! Но хижина действительно для экстремалов, хотя другие покорять Маттерхорн не пойдут!

  5. РоманБ

    Yes with, необычное место. Хотя не сказал бы, что это мотель моей мечты.

  6. Anna Pyatkina

    Эрнест Сольве действительно великий человек! Он старался для людей, делал из соли соду, and also took care of the cozy place to stay the same people as he, Climbers.

  7. Igor

    Stunning Landscapes. Not all of this, Of course, appreciate, this holiday for lovers of mountain climbing. I would have went to the mountain and went to the hut . You always want to test yourself, what a.

  8. Dmitry

    Here is a prime example of achieving the goal – set a goal to build a house. And he built it. And surprisingly: so it was necessary to calculate project, that for 100 , he does not fall apart.

  9. Tatiana

    Class, it's just an incredible sight. You get up in the morning, look out the window and there is life such krasota.Vot! For those, Who's afraid of heights will not work,but for the sake of beauty is to overcome your fears.


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