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Faroese archipelago

Between Scotland and Iceland is a small "Faroese archipelago" or, translated into Russian, "Sheep Island". In all, there are 18 Islands, the smallest of which is the island Luytla-Duymun. It is an ancient Celtic name, which can be translated as two hills. Presumably this name due to the fact, that nearby there is another larger island. Its area is only 0,8 square kilometers, and the highest point is at a height 414 metres above sea level. This mountain is called Ravan. Along the perimeter of the island is almost flat circle, while banks rise almost vertically above the water. But then they go into the steep slopes, also almost regular shape truncated dome. This uninhabited island. Here are just sheep on the open pasture. Apparently, because of their long presence here on the island there are only 8 species. However, summer 2006 year here for three days lived 28 young people. They conducted an experiment called "Silent Island". The essence of it was that, to record all the senses, that a man can, located in almost complete isolation from the outside world. After all, the guys with him was not anything, except notepads and pens. Faroe Islands, or the Faroe Islands, are part of the Kingdom of Denmark on the Rights of the Autonomous Region. However, in practice, Starting with 1948 year, they are almost completely independent of the state. All questions, except defense and foreign policy, the inhabitants of these islands resolve on their own. The coat of arms of the territorial and political education depicts a sheep.

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9 thoughts on “Faroese archipelago

  1. Olechka7788

    On this island you can fully feel the real Robinson Crusoe! Sometimes you want a break from the bustle of the city in the middle of nowhere..

    1. Igor

      Is not that 1-2 of the day, will continue to pull nostalgia. And here to stay for a single, it is possible and in our country. After all, how many lonely island is on the same Volga!

  2. Alexey

    Such places always have some sort of special charm. In all civilizations and runs constantly changes. But here everything is as if the eternal, and rocks, and the sea.

  3. Igor

    Island for a beach holiday, but still interesting to go and see. The islands, greens, океан, clean fresh air – just for a quiet and relaxing holiday. At home they are interesting: Black, with red windows, green grass on the roof, at least let the cow graze.

  4. Adiana

    In addition there is very cold and damp, throughout the wasteland with swamps and rocky cliffs, and overhead varies every 2 hours.

  5. РоманБ

    Definitely an exotic place, but more because of its remote location. About the special beauty of it I have not heard.

  6. Viktor_ovch

    According to its beautiful and exotic place is definitely, but spend a lot of money… Basically look at the sheep and damp and cold climate can be found closer. A dom in Denmark is to visit, she pleases with the hospitality and warmth.

  7. Hope

    Very fond of lambs of different breeds, particularly woolly merino. Can, Because, I'm Aries sign? Anyway, I dream to visit the Faroe Islands, live there for a couple of weeks, that thought in my head began to clear and soul calmed down far from civilization…


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