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New York is called the financial capital of the world, and so it really is. However, not only the townspeople, but the fact, who dared to trip in New York there is a price premium solid. Residence, taxi, comfort and service here are much more expensive, than the national average. However, you can find cheap shops, selling at very low prices. This is what attracts many Russian "shuttles". Return on a trip to New York from Moscow and back can be quite easily. The legendary Broadway lot of inexpensive Chinese goods, not less - garbage in the surrounding streets. Dining in is not cheap, per serving of soup has spread 7$. At the same time, there can be full for lunch and 5$ One of the many, and doubtful about the quality of food, mobile carts. C. podzemke under Kvinsom, Bronksom and c region Bruklina belыm lюdяm luchshe voobщe not poяvlяtьsя dazhe dnem. Dessert for today - видео поездки в Нью-Йорк

10 thoughts on “Trip to New York

  1. Helena

    Bolьshoe яbloko. Gorod mechtы. Ya razumeetsя ponimaю, that New York City has a lot of flaws (high levels of crime, frequent visitors to the ill). But still, I'd longed to experience the atmosphere of this city and feel its frantic pace.

  2. Victoria

    NY – this stunning city, who would like to visit. It was in New York, was born interweaving of different cultures and of course different styles. Though there is a huge minus, that there is a highly developed crime. But even though it is, the city wins the hearts of many.

  3. Napoleon1812

    He is full of freedom and sharp contrasts: there coexist Manhattan and Harlem, symphonic classics and rock, the distant past and the twenty-first century…all of New York..

  4. victoria1531

    Always dreamed of going to New York – York. For me, this is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, the embodiment of the American dream.

  5. Grey

    Awesome - yes, but can not be called beautiful, and there is no special delights. Famous attractions near the metropolis disappoint. By evening, the frantic pace and contrast of a very heavy psyche. Council: come, admired and went on ...

  6. Daria

    Since childhood, I love America and all, connected with it. Visit New York – my main goal for today. I do not even know, What was he so attracted to me. Any book or movie, which takes place on the streets of New York City will automatically become my favorite. I was most attracted to areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn. I'm ready to go around them on foot. I like the contrast of the city, that anyone with any interest will find here, what to visit. Yes, possibly noisy New York, dirty city with a furious pace of life, it does not like visitors and the more Russian, it is easy to go without purse. This is the city of my dreams with all its shortcomings. I think, that it can truly be considered the world capital. To him we can not remain indifferent. Someone loves him, someone hates, someone he inspires terror, and someone charm. I'd like to see famous skyscrapers “The Big Apple” and the famous Statue of Liberty, stroll through Times Square. It would be ideal to celebrate New Year in New York, like their tradition of celebrating.

  7. Olga

    My girlfriend has long worked in New York City. Initially, it was just a job, but now, after 5 years of living in New York City, she is so in love with this city, that does not think to go back. She especially likes Central Park, where you can get a great relaxation from the bustle of the city. Now I dream to go to New York. Sure, I would like to visit Manhattan, Times Square, Brighton Beach, The Empire State Building. Heard a lot about these beautiful places from a friend and looked at photos online. hope, soon to see this beauty in person

  8. Dami

    I recently returned from New York,Where to live in Queens. This is a quiet cozy area,reminiscent of Russian cities, is often heard Russian speech and a lot of Russian magazinov.Mne would like to live there for a little longer!

  9. РоманБ

    As for me, this is seriously overrated city, Philadelphia is the same in the United States for the tourist interesting. But the place of worship, This does not take away.

  10. Adiana

    NY – The second capital of fashion, why not go to the boutiques, filled to overflowing with original and exclusive things from famous designers simply impossible, besides, there are a few perfumeries, where the spirits with a fragrant bouquet will pick up for you.


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