On the Maldives - Soneva Gili in

Holidays in the Maldives - Soneva Gili in hotel

If you are going to REST in the Maldives, not be amiss to know, that you can settle in Soneva Gili. This hotel is located in the lagoon of Maldives. Its uniqueness is, that offers live with maximum comfort, but are not typical room, and in the house. Can-do, cozy villas made of natural materials on stilts located right on the water. They have everything you need for a great stay. Exterior is in harmony with the natural landscape, but the houses themselves have all, you need a modern man, including air conditioning. You can admire the expanse of the ocean, sunbathing on the terrace. Or you can invite guests to the sea garden. Provided and entertainment program. It was here in the Maldives - Soneva Gili in the hotel you can spend an unforgettable honeymoon. Many houses, but some of them are away from the island - there you just will not be disturbed. Holidaymakers deliver these houses on special boats. На Мальдивы – в Soneva Gili Voobŝe resort in the Maldives tem and zamečatelen, What here, with one side, can enjoy the silence, but if vdrug zahočetsâ razveâtʹsâ - all 20 minutes will take to the road to the capital Male 'Maldives. Service is provided at the highest level. By the way, service personnel are treated as "Mr. Friday".

Dessert for today - video review at Soneva Gili in the Maldives

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = 8Y0VAiqWvGk

8 thoughts on “Holidays in the Maldives - Soneva Gili in hotel

  1. joy in

    Holiday with his wife last year in a hotel. All super weather sea attendants. The only negative is that it is hard to get there. But for the money we always advise pomogut.Ochen, wife was delighted. Second honeymoon after five years of this zhizni.Do were in Turkey Egypt Italy, Maldives after I realized that I could just relax THERE.

  2. Ivan

    Moldivy – My dream

    Home dream of my life – this trip around the world, one of the essential places to visit would be the Maldives, I do everything, to fulfill his dream. Thanks for the article!

  3. Alexander

    Maldives – One of the most attractive holiday destinations. But spend a honeymoon here – it's up bliss!

  4. РоманБ

    Maldives has recently been something like a unattainable dream, and now it is even possible for them to go. Awesome!

  5. Igor

    We view, outside some shacks, but in a good, so roomy, handsomely, cosily. Shower Video, of course, super, unusual, but cool. And what kind of open house, Sea!
    Always wanted to rest there, I hope someday get there.

  6. Artem

    Do not know, that the Maldives is similar services with accommodation in huts. I think it should be interesting. And a special thanks for the video! It gives a more complete picture of the, Where to send.

  7. Adiana

    Service as at Soneva Gili have two more hotels, but they do not have such wonderful houses on the water, by the way houses can be taken as a complete list of technical benefits, and all without – for lovers of exotic.


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