Places on Earth, worth seeing

The most interesting places on Earth


In different parts of the world are many places of interest, worth a visit. Assessment of their relevance and attractiveness to tourists will always be subjective.

Where are they located?

Antelope Canyon - a terrific place to USA. The Thai island of Phi Phi No one can forget. Santorini Greek city if infused into the hillside and the sea. Maldives - These islands with white sand and palm groves you will be a long time dream. Machu Picchu - the ancient city of the South American Indians. Located in Peru between steep cliffs. The Great Wall of China does not need comments. The glaciers of Iceland - an unforgettable spectacle of beauty. Bora Bora arranged, that from one to the other can be reached by swimming. Canyon Wave in U.S., Arizona, surprise you with its beauty , who visit it. Peter the Apostle Church in Jordan carved directly into the rock mass. Cave of Crystals in Mexico - here are the greatest in the world of stalactites and stalagmites. Monument Valley and the desert of the United States - it's hard to believe, that the huge monoliths in the sands nature itself, and not man. Salt desert in Bolivia - the surface here is so flat and smooth, that it reflects the sky. Mount Uluru in Australia - this geological mystery, witness the formation of the land on our planet.

Write to us about your preferences, and share experiences from trips. Dessert for today - видео красивых мест на нашей планете = FwsRhKJgkeM

11 thoughts on “The most interesting places on Earth

  1. Catherine

    Video- miracle!
    So you want to leave a hot, smoggy city, and truly live, enjoy nature, clean air, turquoise water!

    ..I want to leave… in Greece

  2. Ludmila

    Very beautiful places, видно, that nature is alive, fresh, untouched by civilization.

  3. Sergei

    The sea and the beach, for a long time all this pall!But to visit the glaciers in Iceland or in the cave of crystals Mexico-yes!Antelope Canyon in the US is also still podoydёt.Vsё ever will be there!

  4. Grigore

    Places certainly beautiful, but in Russia has its gems. Do not be necessary to go beyond the seas. You can start from Kamchatka, and get through Baikal near Krasnoyarsk. Further optional.

  5. Valery

    Available from quite interesting places – Greece. Connect the rest of the sea – for the rest of the body and for the soul – Meteora, гора Афон ..

  6. Елена Григорьева

    Yearly, for many years, rest only in Greece, recommend to all,you will not regret!

  7. Ivan

    I read about, how many beautiful places on earth and so sorry, it is not possible to visit them all. Well, at least the video to see them and it's good.

  8. Alice

    Do not know, that Bolivia has a salt desert. I am pleased to be there strolled!

  9. Seregil

    Я бы, to all these wonderful places, added Taj Mahal located in India.
    When traveling, I saw with my own eyes the miracle.

  10. РоманБ

    To many local krasivыh. The same Baikal – worse? Or Elbrus? Its place should be appreciated!

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