Unique botanical center in Singapore

Garden paradise in Singapore

Singapore has opened amazing park ornamental trees. It is part of the new entertainment complex Marina Bay. The park covers an area of 101 hectare. Its gardens grow unique trees from around the world. People immediately dubbed this amazing complex "garden paradise". The greatest excitement caused two interesting object. This biological dome "Rainforest" and "Flower Dome". No less enthusiasm among the visitors of the mall and is a giant artificial trees.

Each dome has a floor area 4 football fields. It will be planted 220 000 various plants. Dome - this is the only place in the park, where will charge admission.

Unique garden paradise is the fact, it is energetically closed loop. Waste gardens are sent to a steam turbine, which produces electricity to power the air conditioning systems of gardens. Supertree placed on artificial solar panels, which at night will illuminate the whole center.

The gardens have everything you need to, people to spend their free time with benefit and pleasure. Embodied in the life of this unique project the British company «Grant Associates». Dessert for today - Video Garden Paradise in Singapore, Singapore's 'Gardens by the Bay' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X8eScpCrNU

11 thoughts on “Garden paradise in Singapore

  1. mk-jane

    Сингапур – very cool city! Were there 3 day in January 2013 year. But, Unfortunately this attraction did not look – did not even know about it.

  2. Andrew

    СИНГАПУР- 've heard a lot about him and the bad and the good. But after reading this article has decided for himself, as soon as the opportunity will certainly go. Very much there beckons.

  3. РоманБ

    In this garden you have to walk for a whole day, it's worth it, unusual spectacle.

  4. Light

    Unforgettable spectacle! I advise everyone to see this marvel of human hands, which is just frustrating and makes us think about the greatness of nature.

  5. Алесей

    The beautiful city, is something to see. And this park, it is a real decoration for Singapore.
    He is just perfect, very fascinating.

  6. Ilya

    Даа… judging by the article, Photos and comments of the city is really worth it to visit it next summer, I can not wait.

  7. Igor

    Just read the article, and this park is impressive, video looked, generally liked. Such a large and beautiful, You can walk all day and not see enough. Eyes run, what a variety of plants: of cacti and to some giant flowers.

  8. Avrora

    Heard a lot of good things about Singapore. Already'd like to visit this wonderful city. All the more so, I love nature and fun to peep into this oasis.

  9. Adiana

    This garden – amazing building, but because of the abundance of technology – You will not have to leave the feeling of artificiality, so do not expect much, but you can learn a lot about self-sufficient systems.

  10. Dmitry

    Singapore is a piece evropyskogo order and civilization in Asia. Visited Sinapur c 2013 , after a visit to Malaysia. Feeling as if the village moved to the city. Even taxis can pay with plastic cards.

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