Hotels in Paris the most beautiful

Paris hotels and memorable stay

In Paris hotels can be encountered with very unusual for our human characteristics, that can make a variety of holiday and make it a truly memorable. It is usual that, that almost every hotel there are always at least six categories of rooms. Parisian administrators traditionally friendly and multi-lingual. They will offer you the same courtesy room or fail in the event of lack of availability. Cleanliness, comfort, absolute order and the Internet in every room in Paris hotels are also common. But the unusual items and services are much more common. For example, aromatic lamps in the rooms. Or spectral light in the shower did not work is an unusual phenomenon for Russian tourists? However, in Parisian hotels and unusual things happen. For example, along with plenty of room in all sorts of toiletries, You will not find banal slippers. Meets and exotics. So, Some of the hotels can be found stationary hair dryer, which is built in wardrobe. Something may seem strange. Suppose, your bed is strewn with artificial rose petals.

Whatever it was, but to visit Parizhe each person must, who can not afford such a holiday.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a holiday in this beautiful European city, write your feedback or send us material on e-mail, we will publish it. Dessert for today - Video Hotel Bristol, Le Bristol

11 thoughts on “Paris hotels and memorable stay

  1. Алла

    Parizh! It's hard to find a man, interested in travel, who would not have wanted to visit this city. And the,who once saw Paris, want to come back here. And what Paris, without its hotels? Does anyone have a lot to learn hotel business. Thought out every detail.

  2. Sideways

    Parizh – madly romantic city! In Paris, not only hotels, but also the best restaurants! And in Paris, the most pleasant people, than when it comes to hotels and service, and passers-by on the street!!!

  3. Sergei

    Paris is the most romantic city in the mire.A really view from the Eiffel Tower might simply matchless!In general see Paris and die.

  4. Novel

    Yeah !!! Paris is the most romantic, And do not forget the beautiful city. To see and of course you can die ) … but I think it is better to stay and live and visit it again … alone “Crazy Horse” is worth, с своим L `Art Nude – it is unforgettable !!!

  5. РоманБ

    Honestly, Hotels in Paris, almost no memory left – so was wound around the city all day, What zavalyvalys in the Room – and immediately to sleep!

  6. NATA

    Yes hotels there have a high comfort. The staff is very polite. In the past year, the rest in France, stayed in a small hotel in Paris( I'm sorry I do not remember the name).The receptionist is very courteous and always with a smile on his face. But the main thing that struck at hotels, that the rooms are always fresh towel, A hairdryer and maid service at the highest level.

  7. Svetlana

    I think, Paris is rightly called the most romantic city in Europe. I'd like to go there: take a walk down the Champs Elysees, along the quays of the Seine, see the symbol of Paris – Эйфелеву башню. And I, as a lover of the Gothic style of architecture, 'd like to admire the cathedral of Notre Dame.

  8. victoria1531

    Parizh – город мечты!!! Since my childhood dream to go there on honeymoon. It remains to be married))))

  9. Alex

    Yes , No wonder they say that Paris – this is the most romantic city in the world . It is as if specially designed for love , his Champs Elysees , The Eiffel Tower and many other places for romantic meetings and walks ! For me personally, it is not only the city of love but also a place where I would like to live and work . Paris has some kind of supernatural power of attraction , few can resist his charm ! От всей души хочется что бы каждый человек мог приехать и насладиться этим местом , see the sunset or sunrise with a loved one standing on the Eifel tower or just walking through the quiet evening streets . It's no wonder said his famous phrase famous writer Ilya Ehrenburg : “Увидеть Париж и умереть” . Но на мой взгляд после увиденного хочется жить вечно .

  10. deer

    Была в Париже два года назад, but oshtushtenie Paris, amazing images live in my heart still. Montmartre, Моне, Louvre, and a lot of Russian, who treated us just fine. Again I want to Paris.


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