Beach tourism - is the most popular form of recreation. Today bask in the sea sand all year round. Everything depends only on, which country or which continent to go.
However, it so happens, people come back after a beach holiday disappointed. The reason for this is the great people on the beaches. And given the fact, that the resort towns are too densely populated, not every coast boasts clean water. Its share in this moment joyless beach holiday and making small boats, which often ply in close proximity to the beaches.
Nonetheless, our planet is the cleanest beaches – the best place for a beach holiday destination. Visit places - is to go to the corners with wildlife. Alas, but those corners every year becoming less. therefore, if you have the opportunity to, then visit such places must-. Happy memories of it will stay with you for life.

Dessert for today - video review of the best places for a beach holiday

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12 thoughts on “The best place for a beach holiday

  1. Elenica

    Very sad, that for the clean beaches and crystal clear water every year to go on and on. Accordingly, the price of such pleasure is growing…

  2. Victoria

    Too bad, that soon those corners on the earth will be too little. I would like to, to make them more. But as long as they do not have to think about, that once they can disappear. Need to enjoy them.

  3. РоманБ

    And I love the wild beaches… But their, unfortunately, becoming less… Although in Montenegro, for example, have some good coves.

  4. Nadin

    The perfect place for the whole family! An unforgettable experience and improvement of the whole organism!

  5. Anastasia

    While it was not possible to visit the deserted beaches of pure (budget does not allow), but I wanted to spend that holiday.

    1. Igor

      Quite on the uninhabited not very interesting. Half or one-third filled with beach – this is the best option. You can look at people, talk, Time passes more interesting. But cleanliness is impeccable, of course, not.

  6. Avrora

    I have not been to a foreign beaches, but judging from the wild beaches of his homeland say, the cleanliness of the beaches and water on them and half depends on tourists. It is necessary to respect nature (not shit where you rest).

  7. Anna

    I also very much like to spend time on the beach and sunbathing. Too bad, that people are more than their litter and every year they become less.

  8. Maria

    Even on our Dirty South has lovely Russian, unspoiled wild beaches. She personally was one area in the Lazarev: people do not do, the water is clear… And this year was vacationing in Turkey – so there and on the beach all the hospitality sterile(((

  9. Nintin

    а я любитель сервиса, конечно чтоб не друг на друге лежать и по головам ходить, все вмеру, но чтоб тут тебе и ресторанчик где перекусить можно, и бар с прохладными напитками, съездить полюбоваться можно, но не отдыхать каждый день. В прошлом году мы были в Греции, ездили на машине по Криту и заезжали на такие пляжи, но целый день там не поваляешься.


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