The beauty of the underworld

Underground caves eyes cavers

Argued, that the beauty of underground caves to fully enjoy can only cavers. This question is quite controversial. Sure, there is no doubt, that cavers see what, that the overwhelming number of people have never in my life did not see. And the reason is very simple - it's caving, in fact, rare profession, which calls for a huge physical training. In addition, percentage lovers of extreme tourism is not so among us, and high. However, no matter how far in depth underground caves never left cavers, they see only what, that is a ray of light of their lanterns. The full picture of the same in the underworld can be seen only in the case, when carried out in a cave lighting. So, based on this logic, it can be argued, that the beauty of the underground world can fully enjoy the only tourists, who are lucky enough to visit such "outdated" caves. It should be said, that such caves in the world are not so many. One of the main reasons for this is the existence of absolute security for visitors. And it boasts not every underground cavern. In the caves, open to tourists, specialist lighting, in the light of which people overlook the stunning beauty. Dessert for today - through the eyes of a cave cavers. Extraordinary beauty. = pbHMpeb_Zj0

10 thoughts on “Underground caves eyes cavers

  1. Julia

    The beauty to enjoy and see it all over, only need to want it))To feel the need to convey the beauty serious physical preparation,because the cave is not for the weak…

  2. Grey

    Liked the selection of photos, thought, so extreme that speologiya. Amusingly, speologi initially like climbers, but by the mid - to miners.

  3. Alisochka

    What fascinating beauty of nature, of its greatness becomes even scary. How could we not be grateful for the respect for nature, that gives it to us!

  4. Marina

    Yes, under the beauty of the land is not less, than on its surface. I remember, what a strong impression on me cave "Emine-Bair-Khosar". As if in a fairy tale visited. Although it was only in the rooms for tourists. With pleasure would deal caving.

  5. Alexander

    Yes, cave – it is not for everyone. It is clear, there are routes, which regularly allowed tourist, but there are, for which you have to be really pro, speleologom.

  6. Natalia

    In the near future to go down in the "California of the cave", of interest, for professional cavers, as well as for ordinary tourists. unfortunately, such places visited only in Ukraine. I was delighted with the beauty of crystal sets of caves Ternopil region. There, each stone has its own unique story, particularly struck by the imagination of the underground lake!

  7. РоманБ

    Underground caves, Certainly, incredibly beautiful, but at the same time and quite dangerous. Random they can not meddle, is no experience!

  8. Maxim

    Very frequently viewed photos of these underground caves on the Internet , lifelong dream – visit as many of these places)

  9. Nastya

    I was most surprised by the salt caves and their incredible shapes, ledges and cliffs. Go see it, created by nature, and not man, because these contours is impossible even to imagine!!! And the surprising thing is, that millions of thousands of years are required to have formed such cave. While they, feeling the immobility time in the universe and, in comparison with the, transient human life. An amazing and unforgettable feeling!


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