Excursion to Mount Sinai - Mount Moses

Эkskursiya of Goru Sinai – Mount Moses

The biggest cultural heritage in the world is located in Egypt. In this wonderful country of many cultural monuments there is a mountain of Moses. This shrine, which is close to every Christian. Tourists, arrived in Egypt, necessarily make a tour to Mount Moses. But everyone knows her story? And it was on this mountain with the tablets of the commandments of the Great Prophet Moses and it is here in the burning bush spoke to him by the Lord. The Bible, not strange, not specified, where exactly was the legendary Mount Sinai. From II century, Early Christians believed, that Mount Sinai, that same hill, and therefore it was called the Mountain of Moses. At the top of the mountain in 363 year laid the chapel of the Holy Trinity. Unfortunately, This first landmark you can not see now in all its glory, because the chapel was destroyed almost completely. Part of the stones used to build mosques, which was built in 1934 year. But, nonetheless, excursion to Mount Moses please tourists many other religious monuments, which are perfectly preserved to the present day. At the foot of Mount Moses is the Monastery of St. Catherine. He was named in honor of Catherine the Great, which was executed in 304 year for, it has not abandoned the faith of Christ. This monastery was built in the VI century by Yustianom. The famous Burning Bush is in the territory of the monastery of St. Catherine. This is where God appeared to Moses, which called for the withdrawal of the Israeli people of Egypt. The mountain of Moses 2285 meters above sea level. Climb the mountain in two ways: "Ladder of repentance" or "camel trail". Ancient staircase, which comprises 3750 steps, was built by the monks. This is the most difficult path, but according to legend the one, who will pass it, get rid of their sins, and the Lord is clean and the people. More popular and easy way to the top of the mountain - a "camel trail". It is important to follow the path of the biblical Moses, not just to visit, and see the sunrise on the summit of Mount Sinai. Many tourists go up to the mountain at first light the road - "camel trail", and the return of the old, monastic path. If you are going on this tour, supplies of drinking water. If you will be hard to go, hire a local Bedouin camel at the top and drive away in relative comfort. If you are planning to greet the dawn on Mount Sinai, it is better to take with warm clothes, as in the morning on top of the cool. Excursion to Mount Moses in the average cost 50 $ with adult, and child 20$. The duration of this tour 15 hours. If you want to understand the culture of ancient Judea and accept it, enjoy the views, views from Mount Moses - welcome to the holy place of the biblical stories, called Mount Sinai. For dessert - видео экскурсии на гору Моисея http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = yfx08lHdH40

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  1. Daria

    've Always wanted to visit Egypt but only because of the mountain. Since I'm a believer, I read a lot about Mount Sinai and its attractions. Thanks for the article. Increased motivation for the trip.

  2. galya

    Going soon with her husband in Egypt, did not even know that there is such a mountain of Sinai. Be sure to go on a trip there, can and will meet the dawn)

  3. РоманБ

    At Mount Sinai is important not some beauty spots – no, there the whole chip – in a certain atmosphere, this, by and large, made not by nature, and people monument, not only man-made, and spiritual.

  4. Алла

    Love to travel, always being worked out in detail the route, pre-study history. In Egypt, has not yet been, but when I shall be going, be sure to meet the dawn on Mount Sinai.

  5. Benny Goodman

    Honestly, I did not even know of the Christian chapels on the mountain. Interestingly. By the way, ezdyat but you Jews at Sinai? Conceptual, on Dolj bыty and gee svyashtennoy Goro.

  6. Svetlana

    Luchshe bыli bы individualynыe эkskursii of Goru Sinai, kogda Jump tolpa, dыsha another drugu in zatыlok, no one with nature and feel the special atmosphere, which is at the top will not work

  7. Vlad73

    Legendary, unforgettable places. Probably hard to get there because of the pilgrims?

  8. Anna

    Forest Sinai – symbol of tolerance. Squarely in monastыre holiness Ekaterinы, chto at bases gorы, nahoditsya musulymanskaya mechety. And mechety, and monastыry deystvuyushtie. That's how the two religions coexist peacefully in a small area. The atmosphere there is very nice, happy to visit this place more than once.

  9. NATA

    Going on holiday to Egypt. Decided to read WHAT THE HISTORICAL MONUMENTS AND THERE IS stumbled on your article. Very interested ... especially the stories about St. Catherine's Monastery. SHOULD BE SURE TO VISIT THIS SITE.

  10. Beyonce

    Just going to Egypt and want to visit these places. The article came just in time. Thanks for the recommendation to stock up on drinking water.

  11. Valeria

    Thank you very much for the article. I'd love to visit the Mount Sinai, breathe the same air, soak up the atmosphere of Christian history.

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