Bukovel - the best ski resort in Ukraine, holiday on New Year's Eve in Bukovele

Bukovel – the best ski resort in Ukraine, holiday on New Year's Eve in Bukovele

During the cold winter weather so you want a little heat and sun, that's why people go to a warmer climate. But if you do not take lovers lounge on the beach where - somewhere in Egypt during the winter holidays, and, conversely, gladly willing to spend time skiing, tobogganing or just in the snowy mountains, then one of the best Ukrainian ski resorts called Bukovel, at your service! Only when you come in and you see this Bukovel resort with my own eyes, understand the beauty of winter and the snow-capped peaks. This resort combines all the facilities for a comfortable and memorable stay. Sure, rest in Bukovele can not be called cheap, but top-level service. No wonder the tourist complex is a favorite holiday destination Ukrainian stars and celebrities. To celebrate the New Year in Bukovele, means to experience for yourself all the traditions of this holiday, it is here preserved historic rituals, The ongoing New Year and Christmas. And, If you're lucky enough to spend New Year holidays in Bukovele, You will plunge into a real winter wonderland: forest, snow, frost, Mountains, snow skiing, hot beverages, which, by the way, unusually delicious! Bukovel sure to delight you with its incredibly long ski runs and slopes, which are not inferior to some first-class European spas. For a rest in the ski resort of Bukovel provided virtually all! Here you can not only enjoy skiing and the descent by cable car, but also enjoy the sauna, massage and other places to enjoy your leisure. Do not be left without entertainment and the younger members of your family, for them in the hotel complex are special children's playgrounds, where working class professionals, which will not only teach your child the basics of skiing, as well as take care of their safety, so that adults can easily take the time to yourself, without experiencing unrest for kids. Within the tourist complex Bukovel You will certainly be able to enjoy delicious national dishes. At your service and restaurants, and Bars, and even clubs, where you can have fun after skiing! As for living in Bukovele, then this problem will not arise, because the hotel is at your service, cottage villages with the numbers of class "luxury" and "super - luxury", Villages, which is near the tourist complex, but there is still a real estate! The only drawback Bukovelya can be considered a large number of tourists, which creates some inconvenience in the form of lines. Be sure to visit this fabulous ski resort in Ukraine, and you will certainly be back there again! For dessert - видео отдыха на горнолыжном курорте Буковель http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE6muI2rvXI

13 thoughts on “Bukovel – the best ski resort in Ukraine, holiday on New Year's Eve in Bukovele

  1. РоманБ

    If you want to meet there the New Year – better to book a place now, Bukovel now terribly popular

    1. Ruslan

      Last year we went to the family Bukovel, it is simply indescribable beauty!!I advise everyone to go there,do not take the money!!

  2. Dmitry Kusonsky

    Bukovel – One of the best ski resorts. If you love skiing, then you just have to go there at least once!

  3. Nikolai

    There are many reasons, why this place is awesome. I was pleased, that it is possible to a restaurant right on board to drive. Bord leave about (no one will touch it, Checked). and you go to drink glintveynchik. Shorter for the people. To take on board and rolling equipment should just leave your passport as a deposit. Not that, that in Peter, 10000 or vehicle documents. Brad some. So in the winter fly into Bukovel necessarily. For the most relaxing place ofigensky.

  4. Alexander

    It's an awesome place. Probably, if you take all the Carpathians and leave “three” most worthy of vacation resort in the Carpathian mountains, Bukovel then there will in any case.

  5. Pitermike

    Bukovel, certainly, the best ski resort in Ukraine. Not for nothing that President Yanukovych wants to hold on to its base a future Winter Olympics.

  6. Dima

    The year before, there were celebrating the new year with friends. Impressions left the sea.

  7. Tatiana

    As for me, so smart people for a long time already booked rooms!
    All my life I dreamed of going to Bukovel is winter, although there are very nice in the summer, and can be happy to have a rest! Rafting, horseback riding, kvadrotury…. What more do you need for a wonderful holiday?!

  8. Vlad999978

    Bukovel is one of the most popular resorts in the present. Himself could not come here for a long time. I advise everyone to, as the magnificent mountain scenery of clean air and comfortable accommodation in hotels does not leave you indifferent!

  9. victoria1531

    This year, planned to celebrate the New Year meet in Bukovel. Ski-we do not know how to ride, but we know that it will be fabulous. In the past year, going, but came too late and were not able to leave. This year, take care of everything in advance .

  10. Yuriy

    Keep: Буковель – это круто! Сам люблю погонять по 5, 11, 16 and 22 трассах 🙂 Правда там сейчас с погодой не очень – плюсовая температура… но не будем о грустном: мы как раз собираем прикольные фотки и рассказы с зимнего отдыха в Карпатах http://bukovel.visit.ua/. Поэтому если захотите поделится – будем рады 😉

  11. Гірськолижний курорт

    Буковель поражает пейзажами, природой и инфраструктурой, как и ценами по обслуживанию и проживанию). Альтернативой для зимних развлечений может битьБуковиця” – совсем молодой и маленький курорт, но уже довольно известный. Находится недалеко от Трускавца, что позволяет удобно добраться всем желающим, проживающим и гостям города. Там есть все необходимое: трассы для новичков и опытных лыжников, работают трассы различной длины и сложности, прокат снаряжения, инструкторская школа.


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