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The most popular summer holiday resorts

Ahead of the summer holidays and children's and, it seems, already it is time to think about summer vacation somewhere in the Mediterranean? We are pleased to offer you the hit parade of the most popular summer resorts! Greece. This country can be divided into two parts - the mainland and island, each in its own way is good for the summer holidays. The most favorite places and resorts to stay on the mainland of Greece - Peloponnese and Halkidiki. Wide sandy beaches, friendly and hospitable Greeks, friendly and unobtrusive atmosphere - everything has a serene pastime. And every meal will be a real treat for your stomach, although, that the best Greek dishes plainness: just hit the net fish; fresh vegetables, served as a salad with wild thyme and oregano! Speaking of the island part of Greece not to mention, that it owns more 2 thousands of large and small islands, Crete is the largest, Rhodes and Lesbos, but only on a hundred islands have a permanent population! It will be exciting as a bird's-eye view of small pieces of land, plastered over with white-washed villages with sky-blue churches. Huge selection of hotels, apartments, as well as villas with different types of food (Some hotels even have the power of "all inclusive") Greek direction makes one of the most attractive for your summer vacation, especially with children. Such a number of beaches, as here, nowhere else in the Greece, many of which are marked with the prestigious European Community - Blue flags (awarded for the purity of the water and the coast)…

Кипр. Its outline resembles a sheet of Cyprus, fallen into the sea ... It was on this sunny "piece of paper", lost in the blue of the legendary sea, lost sense of time and offers comfortable world, which consists of luxury beaches and fragrant mountain peaks. Perfect for fans of the Mediterranean area combining lazy bliss on the beach and outdoor activities in the evening and at night. This island is also rich in its culture, as was part of the Byzantine Empire, conquered by the Arabs and Crusaders, venetsiantsami and britantsami. Кипр, probably, the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, where every stone breathes legends. Riard Lionheart, Hannibal, Paul, Aphrodite and even Othello and Desdemona - these wonderful personality, anyway, associated with island. Mild and healthy climate of the island makes the holiday season in Cyprus is quite long, beginning in May and ending early September. Many families have settled in Cyprus for the summer in a lovely apartment with a sandy beach - what you do not summer house! It is not surprising: the sun shines here 330 days per year, and the heat is "extinguished" by trade winds, blowing from the sea. Excellent quality of rest, direct and brief flight - here, ensure the success of the island on the market a family holiday! Italy. This is where the full variety of colors rest - rest on the sea or in lakes, island or mainland, with sandy beaches or rocky pontoons, near the City of Arts and away from every kind of civilization. One of the highlights of the summer holiday in Italy is a holiday on the lakes: it is very quiet, refined, respectable and not a mass product. In Italy, there is a holiday for every budget and taste: and luxurious holiday in Sardinia or the Amalfi Coast, family beach holiday in Sicily or the Ligurian coast, romantic vacation in the islands of Capri and Ischia. In Italy, the Italian equivalent is even Disneyland - park Gardaland, located on Lake Garda, as well as the famous park Sigutė - a green oasis with artificial lakes and lawns, dreamy fairy grottoes and palaces Beauty. Here you can witness knight tournament, take part in the excavations of Egyptian pyramids, become a pirate, and even meet "this" Dinosaur! You love,ru Shopping - There is nothing easier, than to combine pleasant and useful walk to the shops with the rest of the sea - it is enough to stop for a couple of days in Rome or Milan - the world-renowned fashion capitals of the world!

Resting on the Ligurian coast, to add some variety to the rest, You can easily visit the Cote d'Azur in France, breaking just a few hours by train or car.

Spain. Spain stands out among the other countries of Europe, probably, therefore, that its position at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, Christian world and the Islamic world, closed the Mediterranean and the endless Atlantic has left an indelible mark on the entire appearance of the country. Spain - one of the world's major centers of tourism and recreation. It has everything, that attracts tourists from all over the world - and the sunny beaches and ancient cities, on which, if desired, can be toured by car. The world-famous Port Aventura, Located near Barcelona, leads to the indescribable delight not only children, but their parents. A general atmosphere of fun and hospitality will accompany the trip. Do you want to thrill - visit a bullfight - one of the favorite pastimes of the Spaniards since time immemorial - or show a fiery flamenco shows and incendiary! Will not be bored! Spain also stretches its territory and the islands - the most famous being the Balearic (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza). France. The French are convinced, that their way of life - the best, and their country - the culture of the world. And it, partly, true! The magnificent landscapes, The lively resort, quiet villa, drowning in their own gardens, gourmet restaurants, and of course attracting its mystery Corsica! If you are traveling with children, be sure to stop in Paris to the amusement park Disney Land - we assure you - would not be bored you, no children! Resting on the famous French Riviera, You can visit not only France: to the border with Italy to file by hand. For fans of the casinos and the taste of luxury living Monaco opens its doors, up to where you can easily reach by car, train or taxi (from Nice road will take you no more than an hour). French fans of SPA resorts, located on the Atlantic Ocean, exactly will please.

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