Reviews and impressions about holiday in Spain

Spend a holiday in Spain - so give yourself a lot of unforgettable experiences. It does not matter, at what point this magical country you will go: the Costa Brava, Коста-Дораду, or the Costa Del Sol, and may be, the Canary and Balearic islands, Reviews on holiday in Spain will be the most positive. Fruitful cooperation of the Ministries of Tourism Russia and Spain finally brought to fruition this year: first airline Pulkovo delivered direct scheduled flights to the official Madrid, Spain, as well as the tourist capital of the state - Barcelona. Now your journey will be much more pleasant and comfortable, and the positive emotions, obtained at rest, not leak out from hours of waiting for your connecting flight to a European city. Spain is ideal for those, Who does not like to fly, and enjoys traveling in his car: comfortable ferry takes you to Germany, where before you open spaces of Europe and close to the longed-for holiday. All the more so, A what, before "lie down on the beach", more than fun, take a small tour of Andalucia, For example, - Southern Spain, such, as it is commonly represented - Flamenco, corrida, sherry, Village of white brick and fields of sunflowers. The same tour can make, and, not being available to his car - professional guides will build a fascinating tour from Madrid to Barcelona through Granada, Seville and Cordoba, the pride of the Andalusian. At any time, Spain is ready to receive tourists, eager rich excursion program: Madrid - one of the most beautiful and lively cities in Europe and Barcelona - air Gothic capital of Catalonia, unique in its splendor as in the winter, and summer. For families with children will approach the eastern Spain, protyanuvshayasya of the Costa Brava in the north to Costa Blanca yuge, where long golden beaches, a perfect fit for children's activities are combined with vibrant night life and adult entertainment. The Spaniards promise - no one will not be bored. Especially the whole family will appreciate the visit of Spanish "Disneyland" - the country's largest theme park of Port Aventura. This park provides a unique opportunity for one day to visit all the continents: navigate the "globe" can be either on foot, and the water, rail and the "Russian Hill", reaching a height of twenty-story home. Believe me - this day will be unforgettable for children, and adults! Lovers of luxury and exclusive resorts, no doubt, like the Costa del Sol, southern part of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, located in 7 Goroda kilometers from Malaga in Andalusia provinces. Марбелья - the most fashionable resort, not only of this coast, but the whole of Spain - is similar to the frame of a film about the life of luxury: white private villas are surrounded by lush green palms, a leisurely stroll along the promenade members of royal families and celebrities. It is on this coast are concentrated the most expensive and prestigious hotels in Spain, rest which is considered good form in a secular society in Europe. The territory of Spain extends not only to mainland, but also on the two large groups of islands - Canary and Balearic. Balearic Islands are part of Spain since the Middle Ages, and with 1983 year became an autonomous regionИспания - Калейдоскоп впечатлений with its own government and residence in Palma. The four islands - Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentor - equally good for recreation. Beach holiday on the Mediterranean beaches of Spain, rich program of excursions through medieval towns and colorful night entertainment. Ibiza is also known worldwide as one of the world's major centers of the youth club culture, which annually attracts thousands of outdoor enthusiasts.

And lost in the Atlantic group Canary Islands, which, together with the islands of Madeira, Azores and the Cape Verde islands form the so-called "Makroneziyu" ... the nature of volcanic origin makes Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Лансароте, Fuenteventury and the islands of Palma and El Hierro unique flavor and fantastic landscapes: not for nothing that one of the plateau in Tenerife filmed footage of the notorious film "Star Wars" George Lucas. Breathtaking scenery of wildlife, silver volcanic sand beaches, small cozy towns on the intricately indented coastline and ocean air involve holidaymakers all year round, as temperature fluctuations are expressed very weakly. It also attracts surfers and other water sports, occupation which provided the trade winds, blowing from the south east. Children are also there will be entertainment - a huge open-air zoo - "Loro Parque" in Tenerife - one of the largest children's entertainment centers, where, Nevertheless,, it will be interesting to spend a day and adults. Topics, who like non-standard and neizbity rest, surely enjoy the north-eastern Spain, stretching from the Atlantic to the west of Bilbao and the Basque Country through, Navarru and Pirenei the Mediterran. In addition to historical sites and natural landscapes to your attention here appear the most elegant and fashionable resort of Spain - San Sebastian. In a word, Reviews say about Spain, that Spain - is not one country, and several: a wide variety of landscapes, many cultures, six regions and two main cities - Madrid and Barcelona. You just have to choose "their place" in this beautiful country and go!

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9 thoughts on “Reviews and impressions about holiday in Spain

  1. Lina

    With svoego sobstvennogo opыta skazhu, What had Ispaniя and justice by velikolepnaя. Ezdila Ya taxations enabled universiteta, c kotorom uchilasь. Puteshestvovala after vseй Ispanii, otvedala zolotыe plяzhi, saw the bullfight, ate paella, visited the Prado Museum and just talked to interesting people. I advise everyone to, will find a lot of positive emotions!

  2. Anita

    Spain, this is my dream, was there once, and I want to come back. Most of all I liked and was impressed Madrid and Toledo. Stunning architecture, Cathedrals. We went to Madrid as part of tour, learned a lot of interesting, this unforgettable country.

  3. Maxim

    Since recently had a great desire to visit Spain. It all began with a tour of the exhibition with. Dali. I wanted to know more about the country where they were born geniuses, as Picasso, Dali, Antonio Gaudi. See, at last, the famous Church of the Holy Family. I am sure, soon to visit this unique country!

  4. elena

    I liked Madrid, a beautiful city, many museums, botanical garden. The Royal Palace, very beautiful, impresses with its size. Once come to this country, will not be enough.

  5. Yaroslav

    Came from Spain (Resort Coma-Ruga, Costa Daurada) 2 Weeks ago. Elegant country, spectacular nature, delicious cuisine and sea attractions. Visited the Temple of the Holy Family, The biggest stadium in Europe, Camp Nou, and more. Impressions of the holiday will last a lifetime. I advise everyone to visit this magnificent country!)

  6. Amarillys

    I have traveled almost the whole world, Spain but it seemed to me the most mysterious country, and stay there – the most memorable.

  7. Alexey

    Могу сказать на верняка, что из всех мест в котырых я побывал, Spain seemed to me the most vpechetlyayut mestom.My always be in Barselone.Menya been impressed by the beautiful architecture and the friendliness of the locals.

  8. Наталья

    При планировании путешествия в этом году очень хотелось совместить культурный европейский отдых с беззаботным лежанием на пляже. Spain, как нельзя лучше, подошла под это описание. Осуществили мы в июле этого года самостоятельное путешествие по Каталонии. Потрясающая вышла поездка. Тут Вам и средневековая, Жирона, с её цветными домиками по берегам реки и узкими каменными улочками, гуляя по которым, кажется, что вот-вот появится какой-нибудь рыцарь (By the way, в Жироне снимали знаменитого «Парфюмера»); и просто неземное по красоте место Монсеррат с великолепными горными пейзажами и святынями. Сама Барселона – столица Каталонии, кажется, совместила в себе все: и необычную архитектуру Гауди, и готику, и современные небоскребы, пляжи, многочисленный кафешки, торговые центры. Generally, мы были в полном восторге от Барселоны. Город яркий, живой, колоритный. Закончили мы свое путешествие недельным пребыванием в Пинеде де Мар – небольшом старинном курортном городке в 40 км т Барселоны. Хотя Пинеда не такая развитая в плане развлечений и дискотек, но на мой взгляд милее и душевнее соседних городков. Море в Пинеде чистое, прозрачное, пляжи очень хорошие, куча кафешек и сувенирных магазинчиков. А еще там есть старинные развалины, которые сложно найти. Но акведук мы все-таки нашли и были очень собой довольны. Generally, путешествие было волшебное. Очень бы хотелось вернуться в Испанию и посмотреть не только Северо-восточную её часть, но и Мадрид и другие города, to have a complete understanding of this wonderful country with a rich history.


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