Tokyo - Japan's capital. The architectural appearance of the city is very peculiar. He formed over many centuries, is distinguished by its combination of different styles. It often coexist with traditional wooden buildings skyscrapers of modern steel and glass. The capital is divided into the Old and New City. The core capital (from a historical perspective) – район Нихонбаси. Here is the imperial residence. Previously, it was a palace Tokugavskih shoguns. Construction of the building began in 1600 Year, but over time it is often reconstructed and rebuilt. The modern complex was built in the 1960 Year.

Modern landmark architecture can be noted the central post office building and the Parliament, vdobavok Akasaka Palace and Temple Яsukuni. In a completely new and different way were built Cathedral of St. Марии, Center of Contemporary Arts "Sogetsu" and other buildings.
Tokyo - a leading center in the country, engaged in science and education. Also in the capital, lies the cultural life of Japan, By and large - Modern Life. The city has more than 30 museums. Is to provide such a museum, as the Tokyo National Museum, Waseda University, the national contemporary art, галерея «Тенри». Addition, in the capital are more 400 gallery, which are private or commercial in nature.

The town is based a lot of the leading theater companies in Japan. Also there is a number of concert facilities. There's a lot of places, which are associated with the great writers and their works.
In Tokyo, any tourist can find something for everyone. Hunters for adventure can be advised to visit Mount Fuji - the highest peak in the country. People, who arrived here solely for the benefit of shopping, just need to visit the area of ​​Ginza. This area is mass entertainment and shopping opportunities.

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13 thoughts on “Tokyo – city ​​of the 21st century!

  1. Danil

    Never was the capital of Japan, I think in Tokyo can find employment for everyone because this city has a long history there are a lot of museums, and here lies the cultural life of Japan with many theaters.

    1. Ivan

      Should definitely look imperial residence. Really, all the Nihonbashi – Japanese samurai spirit in architecture.

  2. Valentine

    I would also add that from the viewing platforms, placed on the roofs of skyscrapers can be admired Fujiyama – one of the main symbols of Japan.

  3. Catherine

    I was always struck by the Japanese culture and especially the charm of big cities. Of the proposed entertainment, I would have chosen a visit Tokyo National Muzyayev.

  4. Ludmila

    Do you know, I never thought about going to Tokyo. Now, learning about so many museums and galleries, I really wanted to visit this distinctive and interesting in many ways the city. I would like to see a closer look of the original architectural structure of the ancient and the modern world, visit the Japanese theater and see the city from Mount Fuji.

  5. Tatiana

    Love the culture of Japan. Architecture Summit. Yes, and in the galleries is to look at. From painting the eye is impossible to separate!

  6. Юрий

    For me, Tokyo has always embodied the heart of a warrior nation, which pulsates and all shades of diverse life in Japan. It is a city, combines all the charm of modern life and the ancient traditions of Japanese culture, where every tourist will be able to find what is his.

  7. Zhenya

    I never thought that so I want to Tokyo. After reading this article, longing to see photos of this wonderful city. They hit me on the spot. Now I want to go crazy)

  8. Lena

    I am interested in Eastern culture, and therefore get to Tokyo – my dream, I want to see, how people live in the capital of Japan, try their cuisine.

  9. Sideways

    From his childhood dream to visit Japan. For me, this country simply fanned a magic charm. Japan is associated with Sakura, wooden houses and, with all this, simply unprecedented technological progress. Tokyo, a city of dreams!

  10. Алла

    In Japan, have not been. Yet acquainted with Europe. But it's time to dream and Tokyo. City certainly unique and unrepeatable.

  11. Sergey

    With his wife in August, plan to go to Japan. I'm not a fan of oriental culture, but the wife loves. She pulls from adolescence to eastern Souvenir, has a whole collection of small articles of oriental culture and finally her dream comes true.


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