What is remarkable Hungary for tourists?

БудапештVengriya - krasivaya country, interesting for its culture, sights and architecture. First of all, it is worth noting the capital of Hungary - Budapest. This city is listed among the most beautiful cities in the world. Buda - right-bank part of the capital, enchants with its beauty. The Royal Palace, surrounded by forest, fortress on Gellert Hill, buried in the gardens of the villa and the cozy little houses on the hills Slopecontrol, admire its picturesque. The left bank side of Budapest - Pest flat. Danube with its patterned bridges serves as a decoration of the Hungarian capital. Tsekrov Matthias (XIIIв.) - a place, where many married Hungarian kings - the main attraction of Budapest. Among the museums would like to mention the National History Museum with a collection of exhibits of the history of the Magyar (В IX.), Венгерский музей естественной истории, художественный музей. ЭгерЭгер признан одним из самых красивых городов страны. Он расположен в Северо-Западной стороне Венгрии. Архитектура города построена в стиле барокко. Эгерская крепость-музей заслужил славу в ходе борьбы с турками. Эстергом и Вишеград – старинные королевские резиденции. Located in the north of Hungary, at the foot of Visegrad Mountains. Other countries heritage - This resort on the shore of Lake Balaton and the resort with mineral springs nearby town of Esztergom. Culture baths in Hungary has two thousand years of tradition. Whole country, in fact - is a considerable, balneological, well-maintained resort. Куриный паприкашSpecial cultural part of the state - kitchen Hungary. In preparation of dishes using ground red paprika, sweet green pepper, tomatoes and onions. Chicken paprika and goose liver pate deemed Hungarian delicacies. Gourmets and lovers of tasty food, undoubtedly, appreciate the cuisine of Hungary.

17 thoughts on “What is remarkable Hungary for tourists?

  1. Alexey

    Kitchen I would gladly appreciated Hungarian… but about attractions, not sure, in Hungary they are much more impressive, than Russian. Hungary, though beautiful country, but still much prettier in Russia)

  2. Aleksandrov

    I read about Hungarian cuisine, appetite awoke. Architectural structures are very beautiful.

  3. Sergei

    Speaking of such things, as the Budapest sights, you can note, что обязательно стоит посетить здание венгерского Парламента

  4. Alexander

    Приходилось побывать в Венгрии.Впечатлений уйма, действительно очень красиво, except that Hungarian cuisine has not tried. С удовольствием посетил бы эту страну еще раз 🙂

  5. Sergei

    Repeatedly I wanted to visit Hungary, but after reading this article wanted it more. It is necessary to bude somehow gather there.

  6. Alexander

    Budapest I have been associated directly with Kiev – the same left and right bank, Only instead of the Dnieper River Danube) And in architecture in many respects they are similar, though of course Hungary – it is a country with its own characteristics and traditions.

  7. Ludmila

    Hungary differ from other countries for its architecture, especially beautiful in Budapest, one of which is the Royal Palace!

  8. Юлия

    Hungary is still famous for its thermal springs and baths, and mineral waters have strong therapeutic properties.

  9. Grey

    By the way, the most beautiful building in Hungary – parliament (wonderful palace), sorry its not about the kitchen upomyanuli.A – judging by the photos, there peppers More, than most chicken.

  10. Константин

    Repeatedly I heard that Hungary kraisvaya stunning country, especially Budapest! The diverse architecture, with an interesting history of the town. hope, Soon I shall get back to rest!)

  11. РоманБ

    Hungary is attractive primarily to its location not far from us – just outside the borders of Ukraine. And Budapest itself is not much inferior to neighboring Prague and Vienna.

  12. Tatiana

    Единственная европейская столица на обеих берегах. Обе части, абсолютно непохожие, просто как небо и земля. Если поедете в Венгрию будете удовлетворены все- и любители истории и любители архитектуры и гурманы и даже любители просто пляжного отдыха

  13. Valeria

    they say, что если 1 раз побываешь в Будапеште,то больше не захочешь оттуда уезжать! Хоть мы и были там 1 день, managed very, but memories are very pleasant. A very beautiful city, very nice people. A lot of good architecture, wonderful green sculptures throughout the city, on which you can watch for hours, and listen to all the interesting historical moments. excellent Kitchen, Everything is very delicious! I love Budapest!

  14. Sideways

    Budapest insanely beautiful, It is a city-tale, dream Town. Kitchen there really is amazing, true, есть риск приехать пополневшим.

  15. Владимир

    Был в Венгрии пару лет назад, эта страна привлекает собой восхитительной красотой, все улицы чистенькие, растут цветы, много достопримечательностей.

  16. Alenka

    I want to get to Budapest in the spring, when all the palaces, building, area, monuments, bathed in flowering trees and flowers. So far, everything just heard a lot, and so I want to get there.

  17. Artem

    Tourism in Hungary is famous for its rich history.[1] Hungary became the thirteenth country on a tourist attendance in the world 2002 year.[2] In 2004 and 2005 the number of tourists, coming into the country, increased by 7 percent.[3] 98 percent of tourists are residents of European countries, for the most part - Austria, Germany and Slovakia.[1] The tourist season in Hungary lasts from April to October. In July and August there is a peak tourist activity.[1] Hungary's most popular tourist destination is Budapest.[2]


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