On a visit to the Queen of England!

И вот долгожданный отпуск настал… Страна для туристического путешествия выбрана – Англия. Let's try to understand the mentality of the local inhabitants, to maximize feel comfortable in their company. To begin with, that Great Britain - an island nation, whose residents hardcore individualists. The main thing in the life of every Briton - home. This is the core value of each and every inhabitant of this island. English is somewhat stricter educate their children. If a boy, be sure the gentleman, that a child will be vaccinated sense of honor and duty. Restraint and British conservatism is due to his love for the great stories. Kind of modesty you can track virtually everything: get-up, style of the housing, conversation pace and tone t.d. This country is not accepted to share their experiences and challenges. So do not you dare complain friend Englishman on the level of prices in your country, on the principles of life of youth, on your child's behavior, he simply did not understand and, probably even blame. Absolutely everyone in Britain would have to have a hobby. The scope of this culture is not important. The main point is that, to know the trick to perfection. And the main, England has always been faithful to the monarchy. Although nowadays most queen is a symbol of the United Kingdom. Therefore, in any case, do not prove that the local inhabitants, that another form of government do you consider most appropriate in our time. England - Queen!

29 thoughts on “On a visit to the Queen of England!

  1. Maria

    Thank you for an interesting and informative information. It is very useful to know, you never want to “fall face in the dirt” especially in another.

  2. Sergei

    I love the principles of education for children in England. Complain about their problems and destiny did not need, this is wrong.

  3. Tatiana

    English is an example of Russian people, But among the English is rarely seen or ill-mannered boor man. But Russian is also good manners, Only they are not as common as the English.

  4. РоманБ

    England – very peculiar country, because they do not consider themselves Europeans – no, The island is, Navel of the Earth… But here there and see what the truth is… And be sure to drink a couple of pints of local beer!

  5. Nata_Shramko

    All my life I dream to go to England…For me, this is one of the most beautiful countries. Here are gathered in the following year to visit this country)))

  6. Alexander

    Yes,England is a very interesting country,I would love to go there,so close to perfection rasmotret all this country!

  7. Ксения

    I have a friend from England. Really, he's got what it own special style, and by the way I never heard, so he complained that either. He always wondered, as sometimes we can be very critical to anything.))

  8. Denchik

    Very interesting and informative article. A week later, I was just going to going to go to England, and in the future I want to move to live in this wonderful country.

  9. smoke Kravchenko

    Britain is my favorite country – Every summer I try to get there.
    This summer, there was a. What is more like that do not come as – everything is always in different ways . other people , Hotels , places. impossible to review all .

  10. Anna

    Yes… In the UK of the Queen reigns, but does not rule. But this in no way affects the Lubo her of her subjects.

  11. Simon Black

    England is a very interesting country. That we do without their British scientists)))

  12. Юлия

    Having a hobby everyone – a great option for people, and for the country,tk. many experts in completely different fields of human activity, and people have the opportunity to master the skills,are of interest to them personally

  13. Igor

    England – this is not only an education, Conservatism and Culture. For a tourist it is important to, that there is beautiful, is something to see. And there are medieval castles, Palaces, Knights, and many modern buildings, skyscrapers and complexes. There are discreet and doling out the British, but also a number of pop and rock culture, without inhibitions and complexes.

  14. Glory

    I unfortunately, was not in England but I want to go there, namely, to visit the English football stadiums!

  15. Tatiana

    A very special and separate country, standing apart from the rest of Europe. Their traditions, behavior, mentality. If other European countries have in common and similar to each other, that Britain has always prided itself on its dissimilarity, it is a pity, it wears off due to the huge number of migrants. Good old England thing of the past.

  16. Maxim

    England in my opinion the most cultural strana.Konechno I was not there but still want to go there,because you want to see the beauty of this country.

  17. Marina

    About the education of boys we learned. And as in England bringing up girls? I also wonder, and that discrimination is obtained.

  18. elena

    English, probably one of the few nations, who are respected by others. And with great respect, relate to their stories.

  19. Artem

    England – a country of dreams
    I really want to get to England and most of all I want to stay and live there

  20. Даниил

    Thank you very much for your rasskaz.Ya always wanted to go to England to its drugu.I due to the fact that you have told me about England,I do not look durakom.Spasibo.

  21. Alexey

    it, rather, Stereotypes, which are attached to them, than English in fact such. Recently traveled to England and saw it with my own eyes, that rigor in the education of children they have, families live “modern, Democratic” life… many gay, by the way.
    Now it is not a country, which would have been famous for its cultural heritage.

  22. Ivan

    But I probably would not have attracted so many England (as part of the UK), Scotland, with its many castles, Bearded men in skirts (sorry kilts) even wear them only on national holidays.

  23. Aleks

    The British have always been famous cultural upbringing and accuracy,can be considered a country of good manners.

  24. Sergei

    England good place to stay. It's all quite simple. Ordinary people, Places of Interest. Just be sure to go there.

  25. Power

    British correspond to the level of the country, vice versa, England corresponds to the level of its people. If not accepted in England complain about the standard of living of the country – this is the first sign of good breeding and love for the UK. We have, much to learn about them. And without fail, monitor the education of kids, need more from infancy to inculcate good manners and a sense of honor and duty. Also, that is probably the most important, home – should stand on the first stage of a huge staircase values ​​of each person. And I want to say, that the people of England – not arrogant, just know their own worth and behave appropriately.

  26. Alexander

    England, Albion… They say, that almost all the English snobs and generally very attached to tradition. Perhaps, it is caused by, they live their whole lives on the island, feel separated from others, а может это просто глупые стереотипы. Сейчас активно идет смешение кровей у них – британки выходят замуж за арабов, негров, которых в Англии очень много, in the other as well as in most European countries.

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