Mysterious Easter Island!

Easter Island has a number of other names of which can break language. Among the most commonly used can be identified Rapa Nui. The island belongs to Chile and is a member of Valparaiso. This place is very mysterious and mystical. Question, which does not allow to sleep many scientists - how there were able to get 10-foot by 200-ton stone idols. Many tourists come here only to see these idols, try to uncover the truth, but so far all left unanswered. The island is small and all the attractions are close to each other. To get to know all of them best to rent a car, or bicycle. You can travel the most, impossible to get lost on the island, therefore, that there are only 2 road. The island is not very well suited for a beach holiday. Locals say, they can swim on only one beach - Anakene. Sandy beaches are somewhat similar to the beaches of the Black Sea, and our visitors can buy even cheburek. Local cuisine consists mainly of seafood, and deserves the attention of steak - too good. Easter Island is only one city - Hanga Roa, and it can only stay in a hotel. The main source of income of the islanders is the gift business. At the exit of the plane you will be greeted welcoming locals, trying to "vtyuhat" small trinket as a souvenir. The main attraction of the island is naturally considered as moai statues - the giant stone idols. These idols were carved from volcanic ash and taken to the beach. Provided, they weigh up 200 tons, it is the mystery of mankind along with the mystery of Stonehenge. Overall, the island can be found about 900 statues, most of them are located at the foot of the volcano Rano Raraku.

18 thoughts on “Mysterious Easter Island!

  1. Tatiana

    A mysterious and mystical island, which definitely need to visit. That's really where the unity with nature, space and higher energy, If the islanders with their souvenirs will not prevent, конечно 🙂 Но не для пляжного отдыха, the beach is the only one, really beautiful. Loved the traditional annual festival of local residents, with dancing, competition. So here is a trip

  2. Grey

    When you read the study, These huge statues gradually move, but it is not clear who is to blame – soil or mystical powers? James Cook visited the island, probably, was friends with the natives (Judging by, that it is not eaten here).

  3. Anna

    One of the most mysterious otrovov. All so mysterious. It seems to me that the only impurity residents know the secrets of the island.
    And you zaete why he's called?Its the second time opened a day of Easter.

  4. Olga

    I saw a giant stone mystery Stonehenge, will have to go look at the statue of Moai. Maybe someone will unravel the secrets of these statues.

  5. Katrin

    Heard about Easter Island, but these incredible moai statues for the first time! There probably is some mystical power,I would very much like to go there.

  6. Eugene

    The dream of my life – visit places of mysteries and secrets, and Easter Island here is in the first row.

  7. cthutq55

    These statues are not clear to whom similar. It is not clear what kind of person they portray race

  8. Alexey

    Many puzzles found in our world, for example, pyramids! No one knows, how they were able to build, How could they stand for such a long time!

  9. Anna Pyatkina

    Easter Island – This is, probably, Holy Island and be sure to keep, as a cultural reminder and mystery stories. Although this is a very big mystery, including stone idols and statues moai on it, but it is created by nature is not just – it is created by God, Creator of the Earth!

  10. Anna Ivanova

    Hello!!! Right intrigued not think to go to the island in Chile. But I think after reading this article will have to go and look at the statue

  11. Eugene

    heard many times about this island,but with a favorite honeymoon did not go to)though perhaps there were plenty of romantic places!but more puzzles and mystery!

  12. РоманБ

    Interesting place. It reminds me of Stonehenge or the pyramids – generally, the creation of the ancient, which simply can not be explained!

  13. Leonid

    I would like to personally take a look at the statues moai. Because really in them lies a mystery.

  14. Volodya

    I've been wanting to learn about the island Paskhi.I thanks to your website I learned about it a lot of interesting things, sorry that I was not there.

  15. Anna

    I'd like to go there, even just out of curiosity to look at the statues! It is a pity that only one beach. For tourists are not particularly suited, if you add the beaches and hotels, it will be just fine!

  16. Yevgeny Bespalov

    In Hollywood, the film was created, where it is supposedly built the natives and dragged the statue there enclosing fruit and leaves, such nonsense))) In one docking. Movie, One scientist says, speaking into the camera, Well, now let's try to gouge statue, as we say scientists, they were made, namely using a hammer and chisel)))) It was very funny to watch)

  17. Гид 2014

    Third year going to the island, но все никак дальше Европы не решаемся. Думаю чаша уже переполняется 🙂


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