How to get to Domodedovo from Leningradsky railway station

Moscow is the largest transport center, through which millions of people pass every year, travelers and business travelers. The choice of flights is much wider from Moscow airports, and some flights from the European part of Russia to remote airports in the world depart only from Moscow airports. therefore, often, while traveling, have to choose flights from Moscow airports and plan a transfer in Moscow. To make this transfer as convenient as possible, you should choose in advance the route from the Leningradsky railway station to Domodedovo. Plan your transfer in Moscow in advance, then the trip is guaranteed to leave only pleasant impressions. There are several options, how to get to Domodedovo from the Leningradsky railway station: urban public transport, electric trains, which depart from the railway station "Kalanchevskaya", aeroexpress, departing from the Paveletsky railway station, transfer from Leningradsky railway station to Domodedovo airport and taxi.

Leningrad Station

lenvok21 The most obvious way to travel from the square of three stations to Domodndovo for many is city transport.. To, to get to the airport, you need to take the metro at the Komsomolskaya metro station closest to the station, then get to the Paveletskaya station along the brown circle line. There, make a change to the Zamoskvoretskaya line and get to the metro station "Domodedovskaya". From the nearest public transport stop to the metro station, buses and minibuses run regularly towards Domodedovo. This option is quite economical. The cost of such a trip will be from 150 before 400 RR. The main disadvantage of this method is the inconvenience of moving with luggage in public transport, especially in the morning and evening hours, when city transport is at its maximum.

Metro station "Komsomolskaya" in Moscow

44 Another budget way to get to Domodedovo from the Leningradsky railway station is by train. Within walking distance from the station, you can take an electric train at the Kalanchevskaya railway station. To, to walk to the station, you need to leave the station building, turn right and walk 5 minute. The cost of a train ticket to Domodedovo is less than 200 RR. However, choosing this option, you must check the schedule in advance and choose the most suitable train, since the train runs several times a day. Another solution to the question of how to get to Domodedovo from the Leningradsky railway station - this is aeroexpress. It should be noted, that this option is perfect for those arriving in Moscow at the Paveletsky railway station, but from the Leningradsky railway station to the platforms of the departure of the Aeroexpress you will have to take the metro. In order to get to Domodedovo in this way, you need to go to the Paveletskaya metro station. Then, buy tickets at the station at the specialized ticket offices of the Aeroexpress, the cost of which is about 500 rubles for the regular rate and 900 rubles for business class passengers, and take the next train. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the official website of the Aeroexpress. Trains leave every hour. The last train leaves for 11 evenings.


aexpr You can also leave the Leningradsky railway station to Domodedovo in a more comfortable way.. This option is suitable for those, who values ​​comfort, or arrived in Moscow with luggage, which complicates movement on public transport, it will be convenient to use ground transport. One of the most convenient ways is transfer to Domodedovo, which departs directly from the Leningradsky railway station to Domodedovo. Choosing a transfer you will be sure, that leaving the building of the Leningradsky railway station, You will be met by comfortable transport, where you can stay with your luggage. The cost of such a trip will be slightly higher, than using public transport, However, this method will save you the inconvenience of descending and ascending escalators in the metro, movement along crowded station crossings and the need to adjust your arrival to the schedule of electric trains.

Transfer from Leningradsky railway station to Domodedovo

lenin_vokz_img For those, who prefers movement in personal transport, a taxi will be a way out of this situation. Taxi drivers, usually, meet their customers directly at the Leningradsky railway station in Moscow. This way, without a doubt, is the most comfortable way to get from Leningradsky railway station to Domodedovo. However, it is also the most expensive. A trip like this can get away from 1500 before 3000 rubles depending on the company, providing a car and vehicle class. Among the proposed options for how to get from the Leningradsky railway station to Domodedovo in Moscow, there are ways to suit any budget. Each option has its own pros and cons. By choosing any of the ways, how to get to Domodedovo upon arrival in Moscow at the Leningradsky railway station, plan your trip and, if possible, book transport or purchase tickets in advance, to arrive at the airport on time. Domodedovo airport.

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