5 the most expensive resorts in the world

Who would not like to rest so to speak all 100? Who would not want to see the most beautiful places in the world? Virgin Islands Yes, probably all of us caught myself thinking, that want to relax, doze off, make a couple of shots on the memory of the most beautiful hotels in the world, lie down on the "hot" the sand or swim in the clean and warm sea, and maybe even visit a desert island, only not everyone can afford it, a dream accessible to all. Presenting your attention the most beautiful and expensive places on our planet:

1. Virgin Islands - an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea as a part of the Lesser Antilles.

These islands are considered to be the most expensive resort in the world. At least for the night at this resort you leave 30 000 USD! Bahamas

2. Bahamas

- Atlantic resort, located between the peninsula of Florida and Cuba. There are many uninhabited islands, coral reefs, sandy beaches, beautiful nature, favorable climate, blue ocean. This resort has a certain feature - the minimum term of the resort is 3 or more days. Sum per night is 28 000$, Certainly, without the cost of an airplane. Miami

3. Miami

- city ​​in the US, which beckons with its beautiful life, sun, palm trees, but the most important feature of this resort is the Casa Contenta - a mansion styled for different countries and nations, a waterfall and swimming pool. One night stands 18 000$

4. Maldives

- an exclusive resort The Rania Experience is located on an island in the Indian Ocean. This holiday destination is famous for its cuisine, also here it is possible to dive, ride on a yacht, and even fish. The price of such pleasure 10 000 $ per day

5. Seychelles

- Paradise Lost and Found in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Look like that's it, as in the above : sun, море, Palms, clear sky, but no, the main feature of this corner of the planet is a giant turtle aldabrskie. The cost of holidays 2 500$ But the Russian capital Moscow is not ranked in the top 5, not even in the top 10 of the most expensive resorts in the world, Because, that Moscow - it is not a resort, a city with more than 850 years of history and many attractions, and places for recreation, not only typical urban, but also a place to relax in the lap of nature. And living here will cost much cheaper tourist, than the above resorts. For example, take at least комплекс Измайлово Москва официальный сайт. Впрочем, Moscow to compare with the islands in the ocean is not quite appropriate, except that with the city of Miami. Diving course not you want to do, except in the pool, but catch fish and even a ride on a yacht in the waters of the Khimki reservoir in Moscow it is possible to. And the possibility of a rich selection of food anywhere in the world in Moscow and can not speak!

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