What to see in Moscow: an overview of places of interest

tourist, It was the first time in Moscow, it will be difficult to choose the main sights, to which he would like to take a look. Usually first go to watch the Red Square and the Kremlin, and only then begin to argue - for the simple reason, that in many places, which is worth visiting. We offer a small top Moscow attractions.

Red Square

Go through the local cobblestones would like to every guest of the city. It is here that there are many events, sign for the country. It is worth a look and attractions, surrounding area - a monument to Minin and Pozharsky, St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum and other interesting buildings. If you want to look at them - make an excursion. This is a great opportunity to see the main attractions of the city.


Another symbol of the country, centuries retain the status of residence of the rulers. This place is known by any man, goes to Moscow. high walls, beautiful tower, majestic buildings - the Kremlin tours chosen with great pleasure. The property includes the Diamond Fund and Armory - places, which holds the main historical relics Russian.

Poklonnaya hill

Not only a popular walking area, but also a place of concentration of temples, various museums and monuments. It is here that is located the Victory Park, It includes an exhibition of military equipment and museum with various artifacts of the war.

Ostankynskaya telebashnya

The tallest building in Europe. There are two viewing platforms, however, the dimensions of their small. And yet there is a revolving restaurant, allows to view one hour the entire city from a great height.


Met many will not cause any surprise, but it is not in vain is considered the most beautiful in the world. We recommend to sign up for a tour of this place - the professional guide will show the, What would notice an ordinary passenger. Tells expert and secret branches and stations, unfamiliar to most people.


One of the most interesting places of the capital. The architecture in the style of Stalin's eclectic attracts people from all over the world. This is a unique monument of the Soviet past - the monumental and has a kind of beauty.

Tretyakov Gallery

Even if you do not like art, visit an art gallery recommended that each person, It was the first time in the capital. Collected here are true masterpieces, which are known all over the world. The article was written based on site https://незабываемая.москва/.

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