What is interesting resort of Koktebel

Summer - a time of rest, swimming in the sea, time for sunbathing and complete recovery of the body. That summer I want new emotions, good feeling, sun and heat. For realization of these desires there is an ideal place. Course, a peninsula of Crimea. And there's this magical corner of the peninsula, called Koktebel. Koktebel - a great village, FOMC looks like a miniature town. He just created for pleasure, for relaxation and recreation in the summer time. Let's look at options for recreation at this point in more detail. What to expect from the local recreation? Only the positive and bright emotions. The village has a huge amount of interesting and beautiful places. such, as a rock, dormant volcano, Golden Gate. These are all considered local attractions. And to see their possible, recovered or in the sea or walking tour. Before poedkoy to Koktebel, we recommend to book a room or a cottage on the club-hotel site Lexx. Youth Hotel LEXX - this is not just a hotel,, a recreation center for the whole family. Lex Club Hotel is ideal for family holidays. Why is he a party animal? Потому, on the basis that the hotel operates "Club Activities». You are waiting for such activities for children and adults how to ride a quad bike with the rise of the mountain Voloshin, diving, mountain bike trails, paragliding, gliders or balloon, and of course these more traditional types of outdoor activities as fishing, marine boating, pogulki horse and of course swimming in the sea, and the hotel's own pool.

Very interesting places in the village - it:

  • dolphinarium, aquapark;
  • zoo;
  • Museum of the writer with the name Voloshin, and the tomb of his wife;
  • bay, which can relax wild way. We are talking about a peaceful and Fox Bay;
  • nightclubs and restaurants.
I like the visitors to Koktebel people walk on the local waterfront. Its feature is, that the waterfront offers a great view of the rock. A rock has outlines, reminiscent of the profile of Voloshin. This writer lived here his whole family. This type of rock is amazing consciousness. On the waterfront there is a possibility to take a walk and choose souvenirs for your family and friends. Even there you can relax in a cozy cafe or reduce children to the playground. Almost beer sold at every step of the promenade, ice cream, cool drinks. Many shops on the waterfront, there are monuments. In the village only pebble beach. People, who wish to go on a sandy beach, I have to go to the bay, Ordzhonikidze or to Feodosia. These places are a thirty minute drive from Koktebel. And famous Koktebel Jazz Festival, which takes place here at the end of the season. This magnificent, grand by local standards event, get on that strives even every local resident. In general, in the village is very good. many housing, many hotels. All buildings and facilities are stylish and modern look. Local people are very responsive and kind to visitors. A separate part of the village is reserved for slipways. Lovers of relaxation to the boathouse will appreciate it is here. Be sure to come in the summer in Koktebel! It's just beautiful!

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