U.A.E: best holiday!

United Arab Emirates - it is without a doubt one of the best places in the world for leisure travel. Despite that, that the barren desert of Rub 'al Khaliзанимает основную часть территории этой интереснейшей страны, туристический бизнес и отдых в ОАЭ строится по принципу – все лучшее гостям. OAE Derived-al-Arab, a legendary hotel with the status of the seven stars attracts tourists an unprecedented level of luxury, comfort and service. Many come to the lobby of the hotel as a tour - he is so handsome. Guests of the hotel feels like a real sheiks, every detail designed and provided. The geography and climate of the country provides the resort's swimming season all year round in the waters of Oman and Persian Gulf. The beaches are so impeccable in its purity, it sometimes seems, it can not be a creation of nature, that someone specially sifted sand, that it has developed in this way - a grain of sand to a grain of sand. Your only task - not to burn in the first few days on vacation. The sun is hot in the UAE and active, It should be very careful and use a minimum of means of protection against burns. Should not be neglected hats - heat stroke is very unpleasant. If you are not a fan of winter skiing or snowboarding, то можете отправиться на отдых в ОАЭ в декабре и провести отпуск на жарком пляже! Also important is the fact, that in the UAE have complete safety for its guests. It is in the center of Paris or Madrid you can grab a bag directly from the hands of. In the UAE, you can walk without fear at any time of day. Sure, there are certain rules of conduct, the observance of which are binding. In almost all Muslim countries there is a certain dress code, connected, primarily with the body nakedness. Emirates is no exception. To appear on the streets is strictly prohibited in bikini. And with the appearance in public in a lightweight drunk or intoxicated, unpleasant encounter with the police you are almost guaranteed. Пить пиво на улице или на пляже и даже в ресторанах и других подобных местах не разрешается. Try not to be ordered to eat pork dishes. Considered offensive photography Arab woman. You will be fined a substantial amount, if you allow yourself to throw a cigarette butt or trash on the street. Emirates really advantageous to the country with the currents of shopping. Products of almost all brands are represented in malls, not find the desired here is simply impossible. Counterfeits are found, but the percentage is very low.

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